The World Is Insane


The world is spinning out of control.

  1. Ukraine is being destroyed with missiles and bombs by Putin.
  2. Senator Ted Cruz asked a federal judge to rate picture books as to whether or not they are racist.
  3. Angry local vandals are slapping Fuck Biden bumper stickers on the Priuses of liberal-leaning senior citizens (me).
  4. . Medicare is sending checks for twelve cents.
  5. Thrift stores (actually the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale) are marking things as clotheslines when they are really music boxes.

It’s the third March (in years) of the worldwide pandemic (redundant, I know). I sing with 94 other people in a community chorus. Only twelve of us are wearing masks these days since the mask order has been lifted. Yet, three of my family members (different household) have COVID as we speak.  2022 is shaping up to be as weird as 2021 and 2020.

Back to the bumper stickers. Yes, I had a Biden-Harris sticker on my car. Yes, I had a Women Belong in the Resistance sticker on my car. It was parked outside in my driveway on a quiet cul-de-sac.  Has someone been stalking me or were they randomly slapping Fuck Biden stickers on all Prius cars?

Florida has declared it illegal to talk about gay people in the schools, kindergarten through 3rd grade. The important state in national elections is in denial about gays, who are in every state. It’s legal, and it’s not contagious.

Ted Cruz brought a stack of picture books to the hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson as the next Supreme Court justice. Biden nominated her because he thought the court should look more like America.  Ms. Jackson held it together and didn’t roll her eyes at Senator Cruz. But she wanted to. Instead, she said, between gritted teeth, I don’t deal with picture books in my role as a federal judge. I am paraphrasing here.

Florida is a state filled with retired people. Do they fear the end of the world if another gay person moves in? There have been gays throughout history. Try as you might, Florida, you cannot erase them from the face of the Earth, or even from Florida.

What is the point of my blog post today (as some of you have asked)? Today the point is that the world is crazy. Society is crumbling and it’s not because people don’t go to church. I mean, many do, but most don’t in the country as a whole. Do we need fire and brimstone sermons to keep in line? Are people passing out Fuck Biden bumper stickers to appease their gods?

Is the U.S. government so inept that it issues and mail checks for twelve cents? It cost more than twelve cents to mail it to me. Do people assume things without fact-checking? All that the White Elephant sale volunteer, who priced the music box and labeled it as a clothesline, had to do was pull the string. You Light Up my Life, coming though the white box would have told her/him/them that he/she/they had misjudged the item. It was, in fact, a music box and worth more than fifty cents.

The world is insane.

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