My Love Affair with Chocolate

From that first bite of a chocolate chip cookie or the first taste of creamy pudding, I’ve been a lover of anything chocolate.

I love chocolate cake, brownies, cookies, cream pie, ice cream, desserts of any kind, Twix candy bars, truffles, and so on and so forth.

My latest kick has been the huge chocolate Costco muffins filled with chocolate chips. I eat half a muffin every day, and now I have a Pillsbury Doughboy waist. Too many muffins = muffin top.

When I was in college and too poor to buy muffins, I’d buy the Jiffy brownie mixes for 15 cents. But I had no egg, and I had no pan, so I opened the box and ate the brown powder with a spoon. I bet you don’t know anyone else who did that.

A slice of cake, a cupcake, a chocolate-filled donut, a crunchy bonbon in a fancy brown wrapper, all of it has been on my radar forever. I’ve never been too overweight unless you count pregnancies (which I don’t because there’s a baby in there). I am obsessed with all things chocolate.

Somehow the taste is addictive like nothing else I’ve ever tried. It makes me happy, fulfilled, satisfied, satiated, content and full.

Except for that one time that I ate a whole pan of brownies by myself, and my youngest got zero because she procrastinated too long. Hot brownies, especially the corner pieces, then the edge pieces, then the middle pieces, there’s nothing better. Once I offered a bite of my dessert, a hot brownie with ice cream to a guy friend, and he devoured the whole thing while I sat there in disbelief.

You’ve got to be careful who you share your restaurant dessert with.

I’ve had to give up a lot of food because of a sensitive and angry stomach, but as long as it will tolerate my daily fix of chocolate, I’m good.

“I’d rather die than eat what you have to eat,” someone said to me once.


Plus, untrue. If you have a choice between modifying your life or giving it up, most people will go with modifying. You might not believe it until it happens to you, but eventually, if you live long enough, you’ll have to make some adjustments to stay alive, whether it be a low-cholesterol diet, a heart-healthy lifestyle, or an alcohol-free existence.

As I sit here recovering from my second booster shot (my 4th COVID shot), I remind myself that it’s time for my chocolate pudding cup filled with crushed pills, except the time-release ones. You can’t crush those.

I used to buy the Hunt’s vanilla pudding cups, but there’s been a shortage of those for months now. I have to pay the big bucks for Jello pudding cups kept in the refrigerated case at the local grocery store. They have real milk in them, unlike the Hunts’ ones kept on the room-temperature shelves in the baking aisle (when there’s any to buy).

Chocolate is my love. As for this blog post, that’s a wrap, or should I say, that’s a wrapper?

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