Betting on a Jersey Girl


He worked in Pittsburgh, auditing Gulf Oil for Price Water House. One of his married buddies approached the crowd at the water cooler and asked a guy, John, if he wanted a blind date with his wife’s friend from dental school.
“Wait!” Arthur said. “You already have a girlfriend, John. How about me? Why can’t I get the date with your wife’s friend?”
“Let’s flip for it,” John said.
“Tails!” Arthur called.
“Tails it is,” the married buddy said.
Arthur smiled and got the details for the date.
The girls had a dental school picnic the following Saturday that would take up a good chunk of the day. Arthur would come along to make a quartet.
“I hope I like her,” Arthur thought as he put on his best plaid shirt and khakis.
Jeannie was cute, petite, and happy. Arthur was ready for a joyous soul.
As the day went on, they clicked over hot dogs, they got to know each other over watermelon, and decided they liked each other over cupcakes.
When the picnic ended, Arthur knew he’d call Jeannie again. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys at the water cooler in the morning.
Arthur had a pretty good idea that with his smart bet, he had changed his life forever.

Couldda Wouldda Didda
Arthur and Jeannie dated and dated, then got married and are still together 37 years later, and counting.

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