I Feel a Blog Post Coming On

I haven’t written any new posts in a week. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent. So here goes.

  1.  A week ago, I didn’t attend a six-hour indoor chorus retreat. People want to know why. The short answer is COVID. 100 people in a room half the size of our regular rehearsal space, in a high school, no less, and my sis lives in a strict board and care home where we get out temps taken every time we enter. It felt like too big of a risk for Sis, plus I had already planned something else, outdoors, weeks before.
  2. Attending a gal-pal party as the only sober one there is strange. I had fun, but obviously not as much fun as the others. It was weird listening to the various slurred conversations as I sat there, sipping my Snapple/Tejava mix of teas.
  3. Buying little baby clothes isn’t as much fun as being around my pregnant daughter, but it is what it is. I send a box to the East coast every other week. The parents will be set in onesies for months to come.
  4. Having a one-hour phone call with my youngest while driving back from Monterey is a nice and unexpected treat. I just hope I locked the back door!
  5. Getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday is easy when you and your offspring roommate don’t care about football. I’ll watch it for the commercials. It will be a good sorting day for me. Maybe I’ll polish silverware or clean out drawers. Wait! I already did that during the pandemic last year.
  6. Working in the yard is a fun pastime, especially when the temps are unseasonably high. But the pollen! I might have to choose my nose over my yard.
  7. Listening to three livestream music events this weekend has proved challenging with so many other things going on.
  8.  It’s tax week. I compiled all my stuff and will drive it to my accountant’s place tomorrow.  I meet with the AARP volunteers at the senior center on Wednesday to get my sis’s tax return done for free.
  9. Our state is so sunny and dry – no rain for the past 40 days, and this is supposed to be our rainy winter. Instead, we have fires already. What will it be like in August and September? The good news is that my mosquito-water rain barrels are almost dry, so no more mosquitoes. I hope it rains soon.  My roof can capture a rain barrel of water in a short amount of time.
  10. My handywoman and I cut a thirty-foot-high hedge down to four feet high (fifty feet long). It will come back and be more controllable. But this summer I might lose some plants that are used to being partially shaded. We’ll have to hang up a shade sail in the front yard until the HOA makes me take it down.
  11. Ten more words. These are first world problems. Life is good.

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