Have OCD? Make Lists

It’s Monday morning, and I’m a bundle of nerves, not a good way to start the week. My day is booked with Zumba, a worker woman coming, and Sis to visit in the hospital. I haven’t read my Time Magazine from last week. There’s a livestream concert at 1:00 (normally on a Saturday).

Writing helps me to let some of the stress go. I can sort out my feelings and get them out of my head, or at least get them to be more focused. Why am I so agitated this morning?

  1.  Younger Sis didn’t want our mom to know that older Sis went to the hospital this weekend, because Mom is in the hospital, too.  Sometimes I have to stand up to the “don’t upset Mom” mantra and say, “What’s best for older sis?” I did that.  They spoke on the phone yesterday. Sis said her five words of the day during that phone call.
  2. The book collaboration I’ve just sent a check for is back in trouble.  I need to sit down with collaborator and hammer it out. Today is not a good day for that.
  3. Chorus parts-placement night is tomorrow. My voice is not what it was before the pandemic. I’ve been working on my singing, but I croak and crack when I don’t want to.
  4. My neck hurts. Tomorrow is my bi-monthly chiropractic massage. I know Curtis will work out the kinks.

Now that I’ve identified four reasons for being stressed, I can get to the task at hand, coming up with a blog post. Today’s topic is making lists. As a person with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), I can safely say that lists help to calm me. If I can write down what I need to accomplish in a given day, week, or month, I can worry less about whatever. It has been recorded. I will no longer forget.

I have a list pinned to my front door for the worker woman. I take notes all week on what needs to be addressed so that when she shows up on Mondays, I don’t have to remember.

I make lists for Costco, another bi-monthly event.  If if doesn’t get put on the list, then I don’t remember to buy it. 

Yesterday. I went to the grocery store early to nab a San Francisco Chronicle and all the stuff my son requested to put on his burger.  Mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, buns, etc. I bought everything but forgot to buy a 4th of July themed flower arrangement for Sis in the hospital.

If you’re wondering why I wasn’t thinking of flowers for Mom, it’s because she is several counties away from me, and I won’t be seeing her anytime soon.

Sundays are my re-set days, and yesterday was a holiday. That’s another reason why I woke up feeling stressed. I didn’t get to reset with music, calendar perusal, and lists for the coming week.

Are you tired reading this? I am tired writing it. But it works for me. I’ve made it to senior citizen with OCD and no meds. They didn’t have any when I was kid. No one but me noticed, anyway.

It was all going on inside of my head.

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