A Giants Date


Tom the contractor was a Giants fan. He found a similar-minded woman on Match.com. Tom’s friend had given him the tickets, field level seats at the third baseline, near the players’ wives.   Tom asked his date to meet him at his place so they could drive over to the stadium in San Francisco together.

Rule # 1 – Never tell a new date where you live.

Things were going well; his date was enjoying the game.  He hoped he had impressed her with the seats.

There was just one thing. She never stopped talking. He couldn’t get a word in edgewise. And that was saying a lot, because he had the gift of gab himself.

They chatted all the way to the car and all the time they slowly inched their way out of the parking lot.

Rule # 2 – Don’t have your first date last for hours.

As they were maneuvering onto the street, Tom got in the right turn lane for the freeway.

“Cut over!” his date said.

“We need to turn right,” Tom said.

“Cut over now and then cut back in!” his date said.

What happened to the happy-go-lucky woman during the baseball game?

“I hate when drivers do that,” Tom said, sticking to his right lane.

A college-aged kid driving a Prius merged into their lane.  Soon his bumper sticker revealed he was a Bernie Sanders fan.

The date had her hand on the window. Tom could tell she wanted to roll it down.

“Get a job!” she yelled at the Prius driver.

Whoa! What happened to the woman who wanted him to cut over? Now she was screaming at strangers. Who was this woman?

Rule # 3 – Don’t go to the city with someone until you know how they will act in public.

Tom had a sinking feeling in his stomach.Her car was parked at his place. If he didn’t ask her out again, would she come over and demand to know why?Was she a little bit crazy?

Oh well, at least the Giants won, and those seats had been amazing.


Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

If Tom would’ve kept dating the woman, he would find out that she wanted to control everything. It was her way or the highway.  He would only go out with her once more.  Tom would never again have a Giants game as a first date.


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