The Princeton Ploy


It was her third day as a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia. Sue was riding the elevator with her friends between Hardwick and Johnson Hall when he got on. He had all of his stuff. He was moving in.
“School started already,” one of her friends said.
“I was in San Diego,” he said. “Besides, I’m a senior, so whatever.”
He was cute, tan, and had long curly hair. Sue overheard him mention his car. Wow!
Then Sue found out that her new friend, Steve, was the guy’s roommate, a freshman living with a senior. His name was Dave.
Sue was crushing on Dave, even though she had a boyfriend at another college. The three of them hung out together, a lot. One day, as Dave was coming out of the shower in a towel after racquetball class, Steve teased them both.
“Hey, Dave, Sue wants your body,” Steve said.
“It’s available,” Dave said as he walked by them.
Months later, on a Saturday in February, when the commuters had gone home for the weekend, and Sue and Dave were still at the dorms, eating brunch together in the cafeteria, she said, “I’d like to take a look at Princeton, since I might want to transfer there.”
“I could do my laundry at my folks place near there,” he said.
They made a date to drive to New Jersey. Sue was glad he’d fallen for her excuse. As it turned out, Dave was glad she’d fallen for his. When Dave got to his parents’ house and ran into his buddy, Giuseppe, who was house-sitting for them while they were in Puerto Rico, Dave told him, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

Couldda Wouldda Didda
Sue didn’t transfer to Princeton. Dave and Sue eloped, and it’s been 38 years. He still looks good in a towel.

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