Purple Friday


If it’s Friday, that means Yuko is teaching aerobics. And if Yuko is teaching aerobics, you are going to have a good work-out and stretch. I still had my five-day-old headache but didn’t want to miss the class.

When I got there and took my spot in the front row side (since I am so tall), I didn’t notice that more than half the class had showed up in purple attire, not until Yuko pointed it out. As we stepped and reached, crossed and turned, singled and doubled, I counted the women in shades of purple — ten!  Then I counted the number of people in the class, eighteen counting Yuko. The token male was not wearing purple. Others were in blacks and grays. I, myself, wore blue. But then I glanced at my black Costco tennis shoes, trimmed in purple.

There wasn’t a warm color in the entire room, no reds, oranges, yellows or browns. What did it all mean?  Don’t exercise clothes come in warm colors?

I went to the irrigation supply place on my way home and bought some couplers for the netafim drip system. I swung though the thrift store and picked up a variety of random stuff, as I do every time. I went home and drank my fake coffee, walked one dog and then played ball with the other.

Then I hurried to my sister’s board and care home to take her to her physical therapy appointment. The substitute caregiver had dressed her all in purple – top, pants, even her socks. We listened to a new (to me) Christmas CD from the thrift store. When In the Mood came on with chickens clucking their way through it, we both laughed.  

We got to the appointment a little early. I read Sis the newspaper while we waited.  An older couple came in and sat across from us.

When Sis was called, I sat in the waiting room and ate my salad lunch.  After an hour of working with the therapist, Sis was exhausted.  I held onto her GATE belt as she pushed the walker to the car. After I had loaded her in to the car and climbed in myself, the old man from the waiting room came up and knocked on my window. I opened the door a crack, and he said in a heavy accent to my Sis, “You are a beautiful person.  You are a sweetheart!”

Sis thanked him as he walked away.

“When has that happened to you?” I asked.

“Never!” she said, laughing.

We stopped at Wendy’s for the typical post-appointment chocolate Frosty, and then I took Sis back to her board and care home.  I tucked her into her recliner since the two care givers were preoccupied with the home’s administrator.

My morning headache came back in a big way. One of the aerobics friends had suggested it might be a sinus headache. I went home and made a cup of hot water and ate some M and M’s for good measure.

I will take some Tylenol and watch the news, then watch Aqua Man until the final show of the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions comes on at 7:00. Once that’s done, I’ll finish Aqua Man with the hunkadoro named Jason Momoa.

A senior citizen’s busy day.

It’s the perfect way to end a very purple Friday.

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