How God Figures into the Pandemic (Coronavirus)


While scrolling through Facebook this morning and consuming my simple breakfast of a packet of Belvita cinnamon breakfast biscuits and a cup of fake coffee, I saw a post from a high school friend back in Iowa, who said that the media is out of control. I am here to say that without the media, we, the American people, wouldn’t know what the hell is going on right now.

There’s media, and there’s media. It’s good to listen to the most objective newscasters out there. Remember Walter Cronkite? Someone like him, someone you can trust. Not right-wing Fox news, not late-night left-wing whatever, like one of the Jimmy‘s — someone in the center, someone reporting the facts with no opinion woven in.

I like Lester Holt on NBC. Every night he delivers thirty minutes of news about what is happening in the country. Right now, it is mostly nurses, doctors, disease specialists, and scientists on camera talking about the Coronavirus.

NBC nightly news shows video clips of what our president is saying. It doesn’t comment on the credibility of his comments. The viewers can decide for themselves as they weigh it against what the scientists and doctors are saying.

The same high school friend ended her rant with a reminder to believe in God.  She is speaking from a state that has not ordered a mandatory shelter in place.

If you believe in God or don’t believe in God, here’s the thing. You have a brain. You can figure out if your behavior is risky for yourself and for your family. If you are out in the world, shopping, eating, getting your hair done, interacting with other humans in close proximity, you are a good candidate for Coronavirus.  It is invisible, people may not feel symptoms for up to 14 days, and children get such mild cases that they don’t complain or have no symptoms. They are vectors. They can transmit the virus from adult to adult.

It amazes me how many people today do not include the news in their daily lives. They rely on hearsay and partisan radio shows, TV shows and podcasts to get their information.

Do they know how badly Italy, Spain, and other parts of Europe have been hit by Covid-19?  Are they aware of what is going on in Manhattan, where people live in such close proximity that it is nearly impossible not to come in contact with an infected person?

Do they know that countries that shut it down quickly were able to control the number of cases and the number of deaths? South Korea?  China is now slowly opening back up for business.

Projections are that the U. S. South will be the next epicenter of the virus. Hospitals are not prepared. There isn’t enough PPE inventory (personal protective gear) to keep the nurses and doctors safe. The hospitals are running out of ventilators for those who need help breathing. This is not made-up stuff.  This is real.

For those who choose to stick their heads in the sand and not face the reality of our global situation, all I can say is good luck.

Praying to God might help, but staying home from the Sunday service is a lot smarter thing to do.

God gave you a brain.

Now use it.

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