Carmel Real Estate and Doris Day

Doris Day passed away, and her Carmel house is on the market. I read about it in the free Carmel magazine which comes out every other month that anyone can pick up in front of the local liquor store.

I liked Doris. I liked her dog philanthropy and her hotel that allowed dogs. I am sure I would like her 7000 sq foot house on 8.62 acres. Heck, the $7,400,000 price tag isn’t even high-end Carmel anymore (I am throwing in Pebble Beach, as well).  It might be too rich for my blood, but I’d love to go look at it. Wouldn’t you?

Pandemically speaking, it is not possible to snoop and go to open houses. Everything is virtual now on Zillow.  The house three doors down has been flipped and is now on the market for $2.6 million. That’s a little steep for my street, but who knows? Maybe somebody with a lot of money and not much free time will buy it. Every inch of the place has been redone, inside and out. It sits on a half acre, unheard of in my tiny beach town with tiny houses and tiny lots.

The house directly across the street has a sign out front saying coming soon.  I can’t wait, so I typed the address today into Google and got a virtual tour. It’s another fixer. The owner lived to be over 100. The yard is dirt. The house has 1600 sq feet and is listed for $1.1 million and change.  Crazy!

It’s fun to see the value of all of these houses. How could anyone afford to move here now, unless they were Silicon Valley executives or famous authors/painters/movie stars?

I am sure Doris Day got her estate for a lot less than 7 and a half million dollars. Heck, she was 97 when she died in May of 2019. Lets’ say she bought it in the 60’s. It would’ve cost her a fraction of today’s real estate prices.

I don’t usually read those real estate magazines, but you know, pandemic. There’s time for that now. There’s time for an hour-long phone call with a dancing guy friend. There’s time to watch a livestream event for two hours and still have time to get in a movie or read a novel.

The newest California lockdown started last night.  10 million people flew over Thanksgiving weekend. Cases of Covid are surging across the country.  Hospitals are running out of ICU beds. Our CA governor is trying to slow down the inevitable.  When the beds are filled, older sick people will be parked in the hospital hallways to die. They will save the younger patients. It’s been said on the news by nurses and doctors.

I am older. I am being careful, but still.  I could get it. My ex-boyfreind says it’s all a hoax. So did some relatives, but then KARMA struck and they got it.

So I distract myself with real estate and dreaming about movie star estates.  It could be worse. I could be watching reality TV or gossipping about people who have let their hair go gray during the pandemic, due to the hair salon closures.

The California hair salons are shutting down again. I’d better be careful what I say.

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