Hot (but not diverse) Guy Catalog

I receive many catalogs this time of year. One of them, for men’s clothing, came today. As I flipped through it, one of the models grabbed my attention. It was a pretty steamy look on his face for a family company.

I flipped through the catalog again. Hmm, most of the guys have facial hair. Oh, there’s a Black model, finally. Oh, there’s another one.  Is this blue-eyed white guy the same as that blue-eyed white guy? No, one is blond and the other is brunet. Why does one model look like a big adorable goofball?

I couldn’t leave it alone. My son probably wouldn’t wear the plaid fleece pajama bottoms anyway. The next thing I knew I was tearing out the pages with models on them, 16+ out of 66 pages. Unfortunately, some of the guys were on back-to-back pages.

I made a temporary collage on my kitchen table so that I could photograph them all for this blog post. Oh, the things we do to entertain ourselves during a pandemic!

Was the steamy guy attractive because he skews older? Or was he attractive because of his chiseled nose and chin? They say women go for strong chins. Or was it his bedroom eyes?

The models are copying the look of Justin Hartley on the hit TV show  This is Us. He plays the role of Kevin, an adorable TV star with a troubled love life.  The show is in its 5th season. Did Kevin’s beard stubble influence my family catalog?  Is that why all the guys have facial hair?

I’ve lived through one decade of facial hair – the 70’s. I had a boyfriend for a while with a full beard and always wondered what he looked like under all that hair.  He kept it clean, but still, he had a lot of body hair, too. He was my hairiest boyfriend ever. And he was in the 80’s decade.

What is the point of this blog post? Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe I just needed to vent about models and how they are chosen. Two black guys, no Asians, no Hispanics, no Native Americans, lots of white guys with beard stubble wearing plaid, and one steamy older dude with a cleft in his chin.

Can you find him in the photo? I certainly can. You know you’ve been alone too long when you get excited over a Midwestern Christmas catalog.

It’s a slow Monday night.  I am between books, not yet into the next one.  I type on with the goal of reaching 500 words. I am so close. If only there had been another model to discuss!

I can mention Sterling K. Brown, who plays the unlikely brother of Kevin on This is Us, unlikely  because he is Black. Kate is the obese sister (Chrissy Metz). They’re triplets. It’s a lovely show filled with flashbacks and even flash-forwards, meaning a whole bunch of actors can work.  

Mandy Moore plays the mom in all scenes, while everyone else is played by three or four actors. The dead dad is also played by only one actor, Milo Ventimiglia.

If you’re not a fan, I recommend it. At any rate, it’s more entertaining than making catalog collages on the kitchen table.

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