A Very Covid Birthday

The other day was my son’s birthday. Even though he is a grown man, I still like to bake him a cake, take him to lunch, and give him token gifts.

Everything was going well until we lit the birthday candles. Tradition, you know. It took two of us to light so many of them. They were already getting short by the time we were done.

“Make a wish,” I said, “and blow them out.”

That’s when it hit me.  My son took a deep breath and blew them all out in the first try.

“Covid cake!” I blurted.

I had made that cake, chocolate fudge with chocolate frosting. It had come out short, since one of my mixer beaters went AWOL in the kitchen remodel. I had to hand whip the batter for 120 seconds until my shoulder hurt.

I needed to taste it to see if it was any good, being short and not as full of air.

“Are you going to eat a piece?” my son asked.

“Yep,” I said. “Just a little piece.”

If I hadn’t been related to him, I would’ve said no. Chances are he doesn’t have the virus. He hardly ever goes anywhere. But still. It was a foolish idea to light the candles.

Old habits die hard.

There are so many things we as a world will have to do differently once we come out of this pandemic.

  1. No more lit birthday candles.
  2. No more kissing strangers.
  3. No more kissing careless people.
  4. No more handshakes.
  5. No more stealing a sip of someone’s drink.
  6. No more taking a sip of someone’s wine to see if you like it before you order.
  7. No more sharing ketchup while double dipping your French fries.
  8. No more sharing much of anything unless you live together.
  9. No more dancing close with non-relatives.

I do like shopping with only old people at Costco between 9 and 10. I like virtual Zoom exercise classes. All that wasted time driving to and from! I like how the Earth is recovering with less traffic, fewer greenhouse gases, and fewer cars polluting the air.

But kids, teens, and young adults are struggling with the lockdown. They don’t want to wait. I get that. I wouldn’t have either at their age.

I took a chance and ate a piece of cake with my son’s spit all over it. It feels like my trip to the beach all over again. I waited three weeks before I felt out of danger from catching Beach Covid. Now I will have to wait two and half more weeks to feel like I avoided Cake Covid.

I’ve got to get smarter. I thought I was being so careful.

It only takes one little slip up. One little sliver of chocolate cake.

It was pretty tasty, but still.

I saw my mom two days later. I didn’t give her a hug. We sat outside far apart but didn’t wear masks. I explained about the cake.  She used my 2nd bathroom and not the one I use.

See what I mean?

Careful, except for Covid Cake.



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