Today I Played the Old Lady Card

When your rescue dog needs her teeth cleaned because no one has brushed them for six years, you can bet it will be expensive. As in $650.00. Ouch!

I’d put it off long enough. She’d even broken off an incisor at the gum line and didn’t want to eat. I knew it was time to get it done.

But $650.00? That’s a big chunk of change, especially right now, when the stock market is wildly fluctuating from day to day and disposable masks are a newfound expense. I know, I know, I could be wearing a cloth one, but they bug me. I like the hospital ones better. But the little ear elastic loops break after  a few wearings and then you move on to the next one.

Getting out the door this morning was no easy task. I couldn’t give either dog or myself breakfast and even picked up the water bowl – vet’s orders. I managed to slip the non-tooth-cleaning dog a treat as I shut the door. Daisy had already run to the car.

She was shaking like a leaf by the time I got to the vet. Never mind the woman who changed lanes into me as I swerved to get out of her way. She waved me an “I’m sorry,” and I thought, Really? You almost screwed up my whole day, not to mention Daisy’s appointment.

I opened the car’s backdoor to get the dog out, and she jumped into the cargo area. I opened the back hatch, and she jumped into the backseat. I opened the back door, and she jumped into the driver’s seat. I finally got her out, made the phone call to let the desk attendant know I was there for an appointment, and she waved me in.

We were both masked up. She asked me to weigh Daisy – 21.5 pounds, better than last week when she weighed 23 pounds and I got a lecture about overfeeding her. The annual check-up and rabies shot cost $91.00 last week. It has been an expensive dog month.

So today, when they told me the price of the teeth cleaning, I asked if there was an old lady discount.

“Just how old are you?” the desk attendant asked.

“65,” I said for the first time ever out loud.

She put me on hold while she consulted with the vet. Then she came back on.

“We can take off $65.00,” she said, “and we’ve marked your chart for the senior discount going forward.”

“Thank you!” I said.

The one perk of getting old.

Hey, baby, I’m not proud. I’ma gonna take it.

It’s the only perk of being 65, besides Medicare.

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