The Pandemic’s Silver Lining

Now that it’s a week away from the official start of summer, I look back at the past three months and realize that the pandemic has allowed me to hit the pause button and do things I never thought I’d have time to do. Things I was saving for whan I became an old lady.

I have to come up with a happy list, because there is no dancing or live music in the parks, no 4th of July events, and no summer parties.  I am trying to distract myself from that.

I have to find something good about the situation we are in, so here goes:

Sort through every tub in garage A and determine if I still need it.

Sort through my kids’ belongings in garage B and ask them if they still want it.

Reorganize store inventory and label and keep, or donate.

Take 15 kitchen garbage bags of stuff to the Good Will (when it re-opened last week).

Take dog A on extra-long walks.

Read, read, read.

Contribute to musicians’ virtual tip jars as they find ways to perform online.

Rethink the local symphony’s season tickets.

Entertain visitors in the front yard at a safe social distance.

Endear myself to the neighbors as they bring me items from Costco.

Choose roses from my own yard to give Sis in her care home instead of buying them.

Spend a week at a time at the beach since no need to rush back for anything.

Sort through and analyze every Rubbermaid tub of stuff and either let it go or pare it down.

Dust things that usually don’t get dusted.

Clean things that usually don’t get cleaned.

Take more baths.

Spend time sitting in my back yard and discover the mama lizard and all her babies running and sunning everywhere.

Take a good look at my finances and realize what I have to do or not do,  now that I am retired.

Design a new Facebook page for my children’s books.

Find every video on YouTube of teachers reading my books to their students and post the best ones on my Facebook book pages.

Write new stuff.

Clean out my cars.

Sort and purge.

Master the art of Zoom.

Hand-weed the foxtails.

Rethink the tree volunteers that are now becoming real trees.

Reframe photos. Clean out the photo albums (of babies and coaches I can no longer identify).

Make envelopes of photos for each of my children to inherit someday.

Have the fastest mammogram ever.

Break my shopaholic habit that I used to fill up space in my day.

Realize that I can dig into a big project because even if someone stops by, they can’t come in.

Learn how to clean my house myself.

Furminate the Labrador on a regular basis (with the Furminator from my kids).

Read, read, read.

Educate myself on protests going on and decide to be anti-racist, more than before.

Unfriend the racists in my life.

Drink more cups of fake coffee.

Write more blog posts.

Listen to more music.

That’s my 500 words for today.

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