Freeing Up Space

Google has been telling me for days now that I am running out of storage space. Rather than bug my adult son about it, I bought extra space from Google.

Guess what? It didn’t change a thing.  Still not wanting to bother my technological son in a pandemic, since he lives elsewhere, I used Google Help to tell me how to delete attached files over 10M. Then I did that.

I still get the storage space notices every day. Today I looked in my promotions folder where my son sends all of the advertisements that I receive.

Aha!  Lots of SPAM.

I unsubscribed to companies that have sent me an email soliciting my business in the past three weeks. It took close to an hour. I didn’t delete the companies that I still use, like CVS, Vistaprint, Macy’s, and Costco Online.

I swear I have never shopped at some of these places:  Ancestry, Black Bear Diner, Costco Auto Program, Michael’s, Strizzis, CheapoAir, McCaulou’s, Houzz, PCCC Surveys, HIAS?, Ledson Winery, Store Supply Warehouse, S&S Activewear, Lowe’s,, SolaBrite, The Container Store, Papa Murphy’s, Home Depot, Joe’s Jeans, Thermador, National Geographic, BevMo and Faux Fancies.

Now all unsubscribed.

And the Democrats! If you give money to one of them, they all start to pester you. They used to call me at 8:00a.m. on a Sunday morning. Now, after I gave money to Elizabeth Warren, the rest of them email me to death. They obviously share donor info.

I unsubscribed to all of them. Maybe that will cut down on my storage space problem. Maybe it won’t. We will see in this election year.

It turns out that Salvation Army and Major Daniel Freeman are the same company. Who knew?

I feel lighter already. SPAM email has become the new junk mail of the century.

I swear to God some of the stores send an email every day. Who shops that much? As it is, I have no one to dress up for except myself. And we all know how that’s going to go. It isn’t. I don’t know too many women who will knock themselves out trying to look good for themselves.

It’s always for someone else. A guy? Your girlfriends? Your family? Sure, but not for yourself.

At least I still take a shower every day. And I do change my underwear. But not always my blue jeans.

I will have to get my son over to figure out why Google hasn’t acknowledged the extra storage space I paid for.  I thought I was making his life easier by spending twenty bucks. I am clueless how to get Google to acknowledge my purchase.

It’s all a big scam, isn’t it? Especially for older people who came late to the party. While my ex was out working and learning how to do it all, I was home raising three kids. They handled all my technological issues until they grew up and moved away.

I’ve made a lot of progress since those days but am still woefully behind anyone who is out there working.

I’ve figured out Etsy, WordPress and Facebook. I can upload photos to Walgreen’s and can transfer photos from my phone and from my Nikon camera. So that’s something.

Just not enough.

P.S. I Googled my problem with Google and found out that my storage space probably has been assigned to my other email account. Now I know why my extra storage space doesn’t show up, but I still don’t know how to fix it.

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