Magic Fingers During Covid-19

If you think is going to be about sex, I hate to disappoint you, but no.

I had my first massage in two months today.  I wore a mask, he wore a mask, it was hard to breathe while putting my head in that little oval hole while wearing an N-95.

It is left over from the 2018 California fire season when no one could breathe if they went outside. I walked my dogs for those two months in my N-95’s, so they are already contaminated and can therefore only be used by me. So I’m not taking them away from any healthcare worker.

But I digress.

My whole body had been in pain for a while, the ringing in the ears, the tight: shoulders, low back and hamstrings. Not enough stretching. Plenty of walking, but no dancing, hiking or aerobics classes. All those things are foreboden.

I look at my now-abandoned schedule. My chorus was supposed to perform this past weekend. But we’ve been on hiatus since early March. It’s not safe to take deep breaths and sing in an enclosed space with 130 other people.

Just ask the chorus in Washington state where 45 out of sixty members of a chorus contracted Covid 19 and two of them died.

My director hopes to be back in the fall with a Christmas program. Personally, I don’t think we will be able to do that. We are an old bunch, with the average age probably mid-fifties. One guy is 90, another couple is 86.  We can hope right up to that first rehearsal, but I predict the fall of 2021 is a more likely start date.

Now if only the hair salons could please open back up. I would be no closer to my hairdresser than I was to my masseur.  I suppose the county would shut down the massages if they thought about them long enough or realized that chiropractors offer them.

The massage guy said that some people think the government is seeing how far they can push us to abide by the rules.  That is why they are protesting the stay at home order.  Okay, but anyone who is a scientist or has scientist offspring knows that the virus is not like the regular flu and that we need to stay away from it.

Each country has approached it in its own way. Many had lockdowns, some kept it out of its borders, and other countries let the virus run its course and kill its citizens. The Catch 22 is that we won’t achieve herd immunity until the majority of people have had it (or have been vaccinated). A viable vaccine is months or possibly years away.

One local politician said to let the virus take the old and weak. Yes, his mouth opened, and those words came out of it. The people were outraged, and he has been removed from his council seat.

Everyone has his or her or their own opinion about Covid -19. But just know that if your opinion and mine don’t match, I won’t be seeing you anytime soon. And you won’t be entering my home, and I won’t be hiking with you, and I will pray for you and your grandchildren.

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