Memphis Sugar Mama


After Robert’s family came to America, Robert went to college in Memphis. He met an older woman, Devon, in a liquor store. She had on a mink jacket and asked him out right there amongst the bottles of high-end scotches. She looked good for her age. She drove a Cadillac since her daddy had the dealership in town.

Devon let Robert drive her car. She paid for everything. It was fun having a sugar mama. But her kids were just a year younger than Robert. What the heck!
Robert played golf with her son.
Back at Memphis State, the SAE fraternity was having its annual jungle party. The house bought an entire truckload of beer and then spent a week drinking it. Robert was there when Devon pulled up, looking for him. She got out of the car in her full-length mink coat and asked for Frenchie (his nickname).
“Your mom is here!” one of the frat brothers said.
Robert didn’t care that Devon was old enough to be his mother. She bought him gifts. All she wanted in return was a little loving, although she got a pulled muscle from time to time and had to take some days off.
Eventually the relationship petered out, and Robert gave up his sugar mama and moved on to more age-appropriate women.

Shouldda Couldda Wouldda
If Frenchy would’ve stayed with and then married Devon, he would’ve had her stepson be his best man in the wedding. Devon would foot the bill for everything and give Robert a gold Cadillac as a wedding gift, just like Elvis Presley’s.

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