Another Tree Bites the Dust

Last week I said to a neighbor as we stood in the green belt, “I wish I could pick up this pine tree and move it away from my house.”

Guess what? Today the wind gusts of 60 mph did just that. But instead of moving it, the winds snapped it off at the base. The tree was rotting from the inside out, as was the case of many other trees in the HOA green belt.

The grass in the greenbelt needs water. A pine tree doesn’t need as much, but it was getting as much as grass gets. And now it’s lying on its side on top of the community play structure.


Interruption! I just spoke with the tree service guy. The tree was not rotted, but it did have girdled roots, making it more susceptible to wind.


A huge eucalyptus near my fence rotted from the inside out. That one lost a huge section, then had another huge top-heavy section cut out at my request. The dangerous tree was finally cut down, and the trunk was black from rot.

The green belt is down five large trees since I moved in eight years ago. There are only a few left.  The nicely shaded walking area is now bright and wide open to sun exposure.  There is no more shade for parents and care givers while the kids play in the park.

I am grateful the tree fell away from my house. I am worried that those in charge of the greenbelt are clueless as to the tree care needed.

The winds are dying down for now. They have been rattling the stove vent all day, and the Jack Russell has been on edge about it. The fire smell has wafted down from Sonoma county.

I bought flashlights for each car the other day. I have water. I have leashes, dog food and snacks in my go bag in the back.  But driving today with the high winds was scary. I worried about a tree limb hitting my car while I was on the freeway. Many Eucalyptus limbs were hanging over the freeway sound walls.

I met my son at the chosen restaurant and was told the power was out. We went to Panera and were halfway through lunch when it lost power, too.

I worried about tree limbs hitting my car as I drove down shady Danville Boulevard as an alternative to the freeway. I saw kids on bikes, people standing under large trees chatting. Didn’t they know how dangerous it was to do those things?

I was happy to get home at 1:30. Two hours later a massive pine came down right next to my property.

The worker woman wants pinecones for her daughter’s school. She can sure get pinecones now, as long as she beats the clean-up crew tomorrow.

October in California is always exciting and never much fun. Earthquakes. High winds. Fires. Falling trees. We’ve got it all.

Come visit, but skip this month if you do. And please bring rain.

Thank goodness it’s almost November.

One thought on “Another Tree Bites the Dust

  1. You had to mention Earthquakes. I have been thinking of them and pray you don’t have any big ones soon. I moved here to get away from those but still get to share yours, most of the time.

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