The Dogs Have Met their Match

When you are of a certain age, and your two young dogs wear you out on a regular basis, it can be a delight to have a ten-year-old girl for the weekend while her mom works for you. The dogs have finally met their match.

The ten-year-old wakes up at dawn to go to the beach with her mom before the workday begins. The dogs stay behind and lounge while I read the paper and take a shower.  Soon the mom/daughter combo is back from the beach.

The ten-year-old girl runs around all day. The dogs follow. The ten-year-old wants to walk them. But on the walk, she breaks into a run. Daisy loves it.  Halfway home, the girl asks to switch dogs so that Pepper can run. I am happy to oblige.

The girl goes outside. The dogs follow. The girl comes inside. The dogs follow. This goes on all morning. Door closed, girl goes outside, door open. I close the door. Girl comes inside. Door open. I close the door.

At lunch, Girl wants to feed dogs from the table. I say no, but she saves pieces of lettuce with ranch dressing for each of them. After lunch, she goes into the kitchen and presents the dogs with their mini salads.  They accept the lettuce from the girl.  They know that anything from the girl is going to be great.

The girl has an Ipad. It gives off a glow of light that reflects on the ceiling. The Jack Russell goes ballistic. She wants the light. The ten year old has a ball getting Daisy all riled up.

The dogs sit for treats. The girl takes great pleasure in feeding the smaller one. I feed the bigger one.  The girl runs out the back door. The dogs follow.

At dinner time, the girl tries to feed the dogs some of her grilled cheese.  I play the bad cop and tell her not to. I tell her that bread is not good for dogs. She talks me into letting the dogs have another treat.

After dinner, the girl lays out her seashells, feathers, rocks, seaweed and things she has collected in a plastic bucket. She spills sand out of her shoe onto the floor. She leaves a trail of belongings everywhere she goes. Fortunately for Daisy, she has misplaced the laser light.

It is evening, and the dogs are wiped out on their respective couches. The girl is curled up with her Ipad. All in all, it was a good dog/girl day.

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