W is for Woo Hoo

What expression works for so many different situations? For me, it’s Woo hoo.

Your girlfriend is getting married?  Woo hoo!

Your other girlfriend wants to meet on Thursday night for drinks and dancing?  Woo hoo!

Your worker woman cut all the tree branches hanging over your roof?  Woo hoo!

Her daughter learned what 6 x 8 is (finally). Woo hoo!

She also learned what 48 divided by six is. Woo hoo!

Your phone died, and you don’t have internet at the beach, but when you go to get your Sunday Chronicle, you see Starbucks and realize they have free Wifi!  Woo hoo!

Your contractor promised you a finished kitchen upon your return, but you don’t know if he got it done, but he probably did!  Woo hoo!

Your granite guy owes you the leftover granite, and he hasn’t returned it yet, and you paid him in full because your contractor said he will do it or his reputation would be at stake, so you’re not going to worry about it. At least not yet. Woo hoo!

Your worker woman left the rest of the chocolate ice cream she bought in your freezer. Woo hoo!

You have a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow, and you hate mammograms, but after tomorrow, it will be (hopefully) done for another year. Woo hoo!

The Reese’s peanut butter cup commercial just came on with Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On playing. You love Marvin Gaye. Woo hoo!

Your dogs are finally taking a nap. Woo hoo!

Your phone died and you can’t reach anyone today or tomorrow, but you bought phone insurance so it will be okay. Woo hoo!

It’s cold and windy tonight, but you are inside with the heat on.  Woo hoo!

You probably think I am being ridiculous (and maybe I am), but really, it’s all about your attitude. Go ahead and celebrate the little things that go right or that might go right.  Looking at life with the glass half full might be very Pollyanna-ish, but it seems to work out for me.

Why get upset about things you can’t change?  So what if Verizon was closed today even though it said it would be open? It was Easter, after all. I told everyone I needed to tell through email that my phone died.  It’s all good.

I always did like the pioneer ways of the world before technology took over.

As long as my stomach is full, my feet are warm, and my furry security system is mellow, life is good.  I am a happy girl/woman/old lady.  Yes, my ears are ringing, and my sister’s insurance check hasn’t arrived this month (and it’s already the 21st), and I have to drive for two hours and get to my mammo by 1:30, but otherwise, I have no complaints.

A whole lot of people have much bigger problems than I do.  Sometimes it helps to write down the things that you have going right. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t take anything for granted.

I read somewhere to write down on tiny slips of paper things that go right and stick them in a canning jar. By New Year’s you will have a whole pile of good stuff that happened to you this year. It’s a shift in how you live your life. Look for the good in your days. Stop focusing on the bad stuff. There will always be bad stuff, and there will always be good stuff, even if it’s a little thing, like a delicious snack or a nice text from a friend. Or a great work-out class, or a funny exchange with a stranger in a public place. Or a nice find at a thrift store. Or a ball-throwing session with your dog and the two little girls across the street. Or . . . you get the idea.

Find the good stuff.

And then go, “Woo hoo!”



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