Hamburgers for Breakfast

Kelly and her husband went back to her home state of Maine for Christmas, but their trip was cut short when his mother went missing. They left their brown Chevy van in Maine and took the first flight home to help find her. It turned out she had gone down a ravine in a car crash and had died.
In the spring Kelly flew to Maine to get the van and drive it back to California. Her brother, Ted, offered to come along to help drive and to keep her company.
They drove for hours and then stopped in Bloomingburg at Ohio Pyro to pick up some fireworks. Kelly had to fill out a bunch or paperwork since she was taking the fireworks across state lines. When they tried to leave the parking lot, the van made a weird noise.
“It’s the fuel pump,” Kelly said.
They found a mechanic in town. His name was Lernin. He looked at the van and two hours later came back and said, ‘It’s the fuel pump.”
“Can you fix it?” Kelly asked.
“Yes,” Lernin said.
Four hours later, he had the job done and asked for $50.00.
Kelly and Ted had lost six hours, but they had their fireworks. They left Ohio and headed west, driving around the clock.
In Colorado, they were in Estes Park when they ran out of steam. It was pitch black out with no moon. Neither one of them wanted to drive, so they stopped by a pond. They went to sleep and woke up to kids’ laughter. They looked out the van windows and saw that they were parked in the middle of a playground. The pond turned out to be a duck pond. Kelly and Ted broke out the Hibachi and grilled some hamburgers for their breakfast. The kids on the playground lined up to watch them eat their burgers.
When they got to Nevada, Ted and Kelly realized they were beginning to stink. So they found a reservoir and took turns skinny dipping to get clean. They couldn’t do it together – they were brother and sister!
They made it back to California on the fourth day. Ted stayed a couple of days and then flew back to Maine.

Couldda Wouldda Didda
Just a cute road trip story, not the best, not the worst, not the last, maybe the first.

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