Chorus Concerts a Super-spreader Weekend


I’m in an awesome chorus with 94 people. Last spring we performed Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon. We all had to show a negative antigen test from Friday morning.  We thought we were golden. We took off our masks.

I’ve been wearing a mask to every rehearsal for four months. But it’s hotter to sing with a mask on, plus my audience wouldn’t be able to find me as easily in a mask.

So I took it off. We sang our 90-minute program on Friday night. We checked in again on Satuday at 4:00. The director told us that four people were absent because of COVID. I put my mask back on and wore it through the 90-minute program. It was 88 degress outside and pretty hot inside, but I kept it on.

On Sunday at noon, we reported for the matinee warm-up.  We heard that four more people were out because of COVID. I turned to the woman behind me. “We’re all going to get it, aren’t we?”

I went to my friends’ outdoor wedding on Sunday evening. I spoke with dozens of people, but we were outside. I only went inside to use the bathroom.

On Monday morning I woke up feeling bad. My throat was full of phlegm. But I’d been outside in the wind, and I have allergies.  My head hurt. Still, it could be from the allergies.  I started to cough. I took the anitgen test. I was positive. I posted it on Facebook and found out by the next morning that fifteen people in the chorus were down with COVID. The number is now 40 (Friday).

The number will go higher.  I told the bride, and she didn’t seem that concerned. The guy that sat next to me at wedding dinner took a test. It was negative.

I’ve had two vaccinations and two booster shots. I am over 65. I tried to get Paxlovid from my doctor today, but that has turned into a comedy of errors.

Tomorrow is Day 3.  I’ve already watched enough dumb movies, DryBar comedy specials, and TV to last me the week.  We’ll see how I feel in the morning. My Mucinex is helping with the headaches and the congestion. I’ve been eating, so that’s good. I’ve been sleeping with a dog on me, so that is also good. My son and I are keeping our distance from each other. He’s probably going to get it since we share a kitchen and my house is small.

I told him that he’d better empty the dishwasher instead of me. He is willing to pick up the pills, if the doctor can prove that my kidneys can handle it. Otherwise, I’m on my own.

I’m out of Kleenex, but cotton bandannas work just as well and are softer on my raw nose. I haven’t been sick for a very long time. I’m lucky that it wasn’t two years ago before we were vaccinated.

My ex-boyfriend says on Facebook, “How can you have something that hasn’t been proven to exist?”

What does a person say to that? How can this all be made up? This is not something a person wants on a warm summer day in May, with live music on the weekend and obligations that I will not be able to fulfill.

I said the only thing I could think of, to the conspiracy theorist.

“You are impossible.”

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