Facebook Cracks Me Up


Facebook cracks me up.  I posted a photo of my girlfriend and me, posing next to a glorious Christmas tree, both of us decked out in our holiday finest. She’s a stunner, but people were nice and said we were both beautiful. I thought, I’ll take that. Then one random friend said, “Beautiful tree!”  It made me laugh out loud at how my big head from being called beautiful, stunning, elegant and lovely was deflated by her single comment.

The one good thing that Facebook does is to bring up photos I took eight years ago as a memory. I’m on my third laptop from eight years ago, so it’s nice to get those photos back. I click on them and download them to my current laptop.

It’s fun to see the weather posts across the country while I’m sitting in warmish California. We’ve had some rain and are thrilled about it plus the snow in the Sierras. A good snow pack means water in the summertime when we need it most.  My ex-boyfriend and I took a trip in 2011 (a good snow year) up in the Sierra foothills and biked along the river. The water was ice cold, and the river was running high. It was noisy. He took off his clothes and jumped in. I stuck in my big toe and said, “No thanks.”

But I digress. 

Back to Facebook. It’s fun to see other people’s tiny grandbabies (mine is not allowed to be on social media). I get it, but still, I want to share his gorgeous face. Alas, I cannot. Internet photos are forever.

As for us Medicare seniors, we don’t mind putting our whole lives out there. I did take down my age to make it harder for scammers to guess my birthday.  Anyone studying my page would learn a bit more about me than I would like. My own children won’t go on the site, but for one of them, it’s more about feeling left out (FOMO).

 I also post my daily blog post on Facebook. Otherwise, people have to have a WordPress.com account. They have to log in to like my post. It’s a pain. My son mapped my blog post page over to the domain name that I bought. It’s possible to read my stuff by seemingly bypassing WordPress.com.

An older friend commented that nobody reads that garbage, not realizing that I am one of the many bloggers writing a daily trash bin of words. It’s good practice, helps me get things off my chest, and also acts as therapy. Once I’ve written it down, I can let it go. Sometimes I get comments that help me, like when Teresa showed me how she draws pictures when memorizing chorus lyrics. I have distant glory burned into my brain now (it’s good because I sing in four concerts this weekend). Talk about exhausted! I think the director is trying to weed out us old people.

I love to see our old chorus dresses on Facebook. I’m at 500 words.

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