Love of her Life


Connie was only fourteen when she went to her first dinner dance at the country club. Brad was two years older, already driving, and as handsome as could be.
Connie had been smitten since the day they met at school. She had been at her locker. He had come by and said hello. She’d looked in time to see his curly haired-head turn down the hallway where junior classes were held.
The night of the dinner dance Connie wore her ice-blue satin dress. Brad had on a sport coat. Connie drank Pepsi. Brad drank whatever he could get his hands on. Before too long, he was drunk.
They had double dated with his friends. In the car on the ride home, the guy from the other couple drove, Brad slept it off, and Connie dabbed at her dress to get Brad’s puke off of it. Brad was a bad boy, but she couldn’t resist his charm.
Flash forward twenty years. Connie and Brad kept in touch, and he revealed that he had AIDS (HIV). Connie was devastated when he died. He had been her first love.
Three months later, Connie was working in a travel agency. There was special price to fly to Rio for $30.00. Connie thought it was too good of a deal to pass up. When she got to Brazil, she met the next love of her life, Pedro. After a short courtship, they got married.

Sometimes, in life, you get a second chance.

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