Computer Date


The idea for computer dating has been around as long as computers for personal use. Carolyn should know! In 1965 (yes, in the Dark Ages) she had her first and last computer match.
In those days one filled out a computer punch card, the data was computed, and the results took a day or so. Carolyn filled out an extensive questionnaire, submitted it, and waited several days for the phone to ring.
And it did – the perfect match!
Her dream man arranged to pick up Carolyn one morning the following week for a date at the local coffee shop, when coffee was just coffee, not a double half-caff mochaccino, hold the whipped cream.
Carolyn had her hair done, bought a new outfit, spent much too much time on her makeup and was feeling quite swell when the doorbell rang. She opened the front door with a huge smile on her face only to look into a belt buckle on a very tall man. She gazed skyward and saw his smile turn to a frown.
“But I asked for someone very tall,” he complained.
Since Carolyn was only 4’10,” their coffee date was over before the coffee got cold.
So much for the perfect match.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

If the tall guy would’ve given Carolyn a chance, he would have learned that good things really do come in small packages. They would’ve dated for six months and then started the family with an oops baby, who grew into a whopping six foot, three inch man. Their other three children would reach varying heights in adulthood, from an even six feet to five foot five, all boys. The shortest would go on to become an actor in Hollywood.

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