The Weird World We Live In


I read the paper each day and watch the news most nights to stay informed. It’s amazing how many people don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them. Like the local nineteen year old woman who bit a female jogger on her arm because the jogger pepper-sprayed her loose dogs. In a regional park.  In the daytime.  Now the teen is looking at jail time, maybe even prison. It made the nightly news and paper, but no one seems to know.

Anger management, people!  In what universe is it okay to tackle someone and bite them? Because your dog was misbehaving in a public place?

Our civilized world is disintegrating. You don’t like someone’s political beliefs? Just drive your car into them as they stand on a street corner.

Mad at the world?  Get an AK-15 automatic rifle and shoot up a school!

Video games are helping the world down this path. They are violent and addictive. You earn points by killing people. I know a nine year old with a bloody video game where she chooses different ways to kill a teddy bear. Fire? Weapons? Explosion?  Which rewards the most points?

People used to talk to one another, make chit chat while they waited in line. Now everyone stares down at his or her phone, shoulder to shoulder in line, but not willing to have any human interaction.

The grocery store checkers used to make eye contact. Now they tell you when to insert your card, which button to push, sign here, take your receipt. You glance up to get a thank you as they reach for the next person’s groceries, and you’re out the door. It’s just a little more human than the self-check line.

The most interaction is someone asking for money outside the grocery store, for a recreation program for homeless kids four towns over, where shootings are a nightly occurrence.

The big noisy dog at home that you got three years ago is a comfort, the little rescue weirdo you got a year ago, not so much. But she is waiting for your lap where she will take a snooze for a while. She will interact with you. They both will.

The world won’t come to an end until all real dogs are replaced with robot dogs. AI – artificial intelligence– are the way of the future, where even pets won’t look you in the human eye ever again.

Couldda Wouldda Didda

If you think I am being a Debbie Downer, then you haven’t been watching the news.

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