It Started with a Whistle

Ray was a senior at Santa Clara University and RA for his house. Elise was a freshman that September and lived on the floor above. Ray and his buddy were out for a run when Elise and her roommate whistled at the guys in their running shorts.

Ray introduced himself later that day, and the first thing Elise said was, “I have a boyfriend.”

Ray was surprised, because he was (so he says) just trying to meet her and introduce himself as her RA.  She had whistled at his legs, so there was that. Ray asked Elise a couple days later if she would consider going on a date with him.

“I have to break up with my boyfriend back home first,” she said. “But not until the Bruce Springsteen concert is over.”

The concert was in October. Ray bided his time doing RA things, and when Elise got back from the concert, he took her out to dinner on October 17th. That was thirty-seven years ago.

As they say, the rest is history.

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