The Second Shot

Three weeks ago, I boldly asked the care home owner where my older sis lives if I could have a vaccine. The CVS nurse was inoculating the 5 residents and two care givers, meaning they would have three extra shots in the ten-dose vial, which would be thrown out at the end of the day. Once they thawed them out, they could not be re-frozen.

I had to sit on a bench in the sun for forty mintues while I waited.

Today I was back on the same bench, only it was cold and windy and eventually wet when rain started to fall. I waited from 2:00 to 3:15. I was bone-cold by the time I was called inside. And this time, many others had come for a shot, brothers and other relatives of the residents and owner.

It was worth the wait. I covered my legs with the newspaper after I read it while sitting on the cold bench. Then I got up and did exercises under the porch overhang once the rain started.

I expected more side effects this time. I did have flu head for about fifteen minutes. I thought I felt my throat closing up as I waited in the car before leaving. It was just my OCD kicking in.

The brothers had at least ten years on me. One of them asked me if I was the nurse. Once again, fake blond hair and a face mask covering up half the wrinkles on my face worked to my advantage. I watched them pull down their masks to take drags off their cigarettes, the first time I’d seen guys smoking with masks on.

I came home, watched the news, ate a cookie and later some toast.  I drank a bunch of cups of hot water, just for good measure.

The newscaster said tonight that the whole country won’t be vaccinated until the end of summer. Kids ages 12 to 15 are in drug trials now for the vaccine.  Later kids under 12 will also be in drug trials.

Only 10% of the country has been vaccinated. We need to get it to 80% to achieve herd immunity.  25% of the people in this country are under 16, so that means we can’t get there without vaccinating at least some of the children.

I know 26 people who have had Covid-19, the corona virus. 24 of them recovered, two died, and two friends my age still struggle with residual stuff.

Here’s the breakdown by states:

Iowa (where I am from) – 9

California (where I live) – 11

Alabama (childhood friend) – 1

Colorado (relative) – 1

Pennsylvania (college friend) – 1

Indiana (writer friend) – 1

Ohio (writer friend) – 1

Texas (old neighbor) – 1

Now what? I still have to wear a mask when I go anywhere and still can’t hang out with people inside, but I feel much better about things now that I’ve had my two doses. My older sis and mom are also done, but my younger sibs and my kids are not.

At least most people think it’s real now. There is still a handful of folks in my orbit who thinks it’s a hoax. I am keeping my distance form those folks. My two scientist children get tested regularly so that they can go use their work labs with other people who have also tested negative.

I do my due diligence when I return home form anywhere. I dig my fingernails into the bar of soap, just to be safe.

How about you?

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