As Fresh as a Daisy, Dog Story

When you’re a dog, a rescue dog, one that has been given back twice, your world is filled with fear, loud trucks, and scary men.  So when you have to share your beach house with a big guy with facial hair, another woman who kind of looks like the one that feeds you, and another older woman pushing a metal thing with wheels in front of her, life can be tense.

Imagine several days of this and one of those days without a walk! You dutifully follow the one that feeds you all day long, but the walk never comes.

Much to your surprise, the next day the one that feeds you puts on your tether thing and gives you a treat.  You, your home-mate, Black Dog, and the fluffy guest dog are ready to go. You bark like crazy because that is what you are – easily excited and always up for a walk.

The woman that looks like the one that feeds you, the hairy man and the one that feeds you head out of the gate, each one holding a long rope. You go out the front gate, head down the trail to the beach, and now you are there.

But today is different. Instead of turning up the steep street to return home, the six of you keep walking down the beach, then down several steps, then onto wet sand.

Whoa! It feels different on the paws.

Suddenly the big fluffy guest dog is flying down the beach. You are still tethered but whining. You want to go. It’s your first visit to this place. You want to give it a thorough test run.

And then, an unclipping and you are free! You head after the fluffy dog and run and run. Then you come back. The one that feeds you isn’t clipping you back to the long purple rope. You take off again, frolicking with the guest dog.

This is life! You’ve never experienced anything like it. You run and run, then return to the one that feeds you. She doesn’t clip you.  You are off, yet again!

Then something strange happens. The big fluffy dog finds a brackish pond of wonderful! She goes in, splashing and swimming. You want to try it. You jump in, and much to your surprise the water is deep. Now you are churning your legs in a frantic effort to stay afloat. How did you know to do that?

You make it to the edge where you regain your footing.  You check things out with the one that feeds you. She still isn’t clipping you.

Now Black Dog is also unclipped. This is unheard of! When has this ever happened? Never! Black Dog is swimming, and you can tell she has never done the leg churning either. Her face gives her away. But you’re not worried. It came natural to you, and she will be fine.

Soon the three of you are running, splashing, and rolling in the sand. This is the life, the most freedom you’ve ever had. This is the best day ever!

But wait, there’s one more thrill to come. Back home, after you’ve had a big drink of wet from the yellow bowl, the one that feeds you lures you into the echo room with a treat.

The door shuts, and she is coaxing you into the big shiny white area. Now she is spraying something warm all over your back, your neck, and down your legs. Then something nice smelling but cold, a squirt of something on your back, and then massage all over your body, even your belly.

You have died and gone to heaven. You smell as fresh as your name — Daisy.

Today was, paws down, the best day ever!

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