News from the Coast

Three weeks went by between visits to my little beach house, partly because the Covid-19 pandemic shut down all the beaches in Monterey County for the long 4th of July weekend. With temperatures on the uptick in the Bay Area, I loaded the car and made the two-hour drive to cooler weather.

I swear everyone came down here this weekend, especially to the Santa Cruz beaches.

Here is what I learned since I got here five days ago:

Some animal eats the pine cones from my 100 year old Monterey pine tree down to the stub and then drops them into my front yard.


The John Steinbeck bronze statue outside the visitor center now wears a face mask.

The Crumbles and Cream ice cream and cookie shop on the main floor of a downtown Victorian house is gone. The house is up for sale (the owner did tell me the place had a ghost). They paid 3 million for that house and only lasted a year. Some ghost!

Goodies’ deli has moved since its storefront in an old gas station garage bay on a valuable corner on the main street is being bulldozed for condos for a mixed-use building.

A mountain lion killed a deer behind my neighbor’s house. Her fence had come down with a tree limb, so the half-eaten deer was on her property. This is NEXT DOOR to my house. But her property extends all the way back to the recreation trail (old railroad right of way) and mine doesn’t go back that far.

The next day the deer carcass was gone, as reported by another neighbor. Therefore, mountain lion.

The doe with the twin fawns is still alive. I photographed them walking down the main street.

A person can find disposable gloves (for sister’s care givers) at the grocery store.

Even the local post office gets busy two days before IRS estimated  taxes are due.

The weather is anyone’s guess here. One day it’s foggy, the next day it’s sunny, cold and windy, the next day it’s sunny and hot, the day after that it’s cloudy.

The dogs are restless unless they get a walk and/or a ball throw.

A woman with two teen-aged sons have bought the place across the street for close to a million, money she inherited. The boys’ skateboarding is livening up the neighborhood.

My desk swivel chair put out for the trash pick-up is fair game for said teenagers.

Foxtail weeds are a pain in the butt, especially if you’re a dog.

Zoom exercise classes are awesome.

When the other next-door neighbors spend two days with six people cleaning out their trashy  garage to loud rock and roll music, it is a good thing.

Two more teen boys cleaning the garage next door liven up the neighborhood when they turn the radio station to loud rap music.

The gopher has found its way under the house and out the other side.

Life is wild at the beach.









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