Sheltering in Place, Alone

It is so weird to live in a house with no other humans, when you have to stay at home. True, the fighting is kept to a minimum, and I always get my way, but the days can be long.

So I trick myself by breaking up the day into segments and filling up the segments. For instance, oh, I have a half hour free right now, so I will clean out this cleaning closet.

It’s too soon for my second cup of coffee, so I’ll straighten up my clothes closet first.

Oh, it’s too early to make lunch, so I will go out and deadhead the rose bushes.

It’s an hour until the nightly news, so I will write a blog post.

It’s too soon to go to bed, so I will scroll on Facebook for another half hour.

I have to be careful or I’d be scrolling all day.

You’d think my house would be spotless with all this cleaning and such, but it’s the opposite. What’s the rush to finish anything? It’s not like I’m going to host a party anytime soon. And I have a big birthday next month. But alas, I will probably do nothing for it. A lonely Sunday during a worldwide pandemic.

I had a headache this morning. My first thought was, oh no, you shouldn’t have gone to that mammogram appointment. Now you have it, the virus.

I did some stretches, took two Tylenol, and felt better.

I could still have it.

I went to the grocery store and the pharmacy this morning. I touched the ATM screen at the bank.  I brought in the mail and opened up a package this week.  Any one of those things could’ve exposed me to Covid-19.

If I were forty years younger, I’d be really bummed that I was missing this time for dating. But now that I’ve been through one husband, one long-term guy and another short-term guy, I am not as panicked as I would’ve been back then.

There’s no dating right now. How could you even?  Zoom dating?

A lot of my friends are paired up and either living with or regularly seeing their significant others. They are cooking for them, which doesn’t work for me, since I have a weird restricted diet. I don’t eat an evening meal, so I’m glad I don’t have to prepare one for someone else.  I also don’t have to stay up late with anyone. I can go to bed at 9:00 if I want to.

But not tonight. There’s some TV I want to see.

And the movies! I’ve never had so much time to catch up on them. Will I remember them in a year? Not a chance, but they are a good distraction while I am sorting out tubs of stuff that never should’ve made the move here nine years ago.

Nine years ago, I was a single mom raising a teen and dating aforementioned long-term guy. I didn’t have time to sort. I didn’t have time to hold a garage sale. I spent every weekend looking at houses to buy. Those were the days of short sales and foreclosures. It was a nightmare. I didn’t have months to wait for a sale to go through.

I ended up buying a vacant house and moving in three days later. At least I got a good deal.

It’s turned out to be a great location for me. I like the house better than I used to. It’s a good thing, because I am stuck here for the foreseeable future.

Maybe I’ll call Vector Control and get the rat guy to come back out here. He sure was cute! And even age appropriate.

But I digress.



8 thoughts on “Sheltering in Place, Alone

  1. Yes. With more time on our hands we seem to accomplish less. Sometimes I think back on my years working full time and raising kids and running a house and wonder how the hell I did it when I can’t even keep up with a one bedroom apartment when I am in quarantine and can’t do anything else. The worry about contracting the virus by doing the most mundane of things certainly is a pain in the ass, isn’t it?

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