So This is What Happened While I was Gone

I can no longer use my front door. See photo, upper right.

I was for 5 nights for these reasons:

  1. The foxtails have overtaken my yard, and now that it has stopped raining (probably until fall) I have a ton of weeds to pull (foxtails are bad for dogs’ eyes and noses).
  2. I wore myself out cleaning out the shed.
  3. I wanted a change of scenery.

Sheltering in place gets boring when you are alone.

I left a glowing forecast of perfect spring weather — blue skies, warm temperatures, and entered the anybody’s guess land of Monterey County.

Would it be sunny, foggy, warm or cold?  I t is always a mixed bag.  I arrived in the afternoon to a gray ocean and overcast skies. Still beautiful but damp.

The next morning, when I rolled up the bedroom shade, the sun was coming up and the skies were clear. I pulled weeds in shorts and a t-shirt.

Other days I pulled weeds in shorts, but with three layers on my upper body, including long sleeves. It was windy.

I finally read Cannery Row by Steinbeck, and I enjoyed it.  I worked on my writing, watched an old movie called Must Love Dogs, and  framed a bunch of pictures and pulled others off the walls and put them into scrapbooks.

I only ventured out twice, once to buy the Sunday paper, bananas, apples, and bread. The other time was for the Carmel Pinecone, whihc comes out every Friday, and gas.

My sleep wasn’t so great this time. I attribute it to the fact that I haven’t had a massage or chiropractic adjustment in almost two months. That accounts for the headache as well.

But the walks to the beach were wonderful. I had the place to myself some days.  Other days it was crowded, and I had to keep switching sides of the road to social distance myself from people not wearing masks.

Those dang tourists! They’ve either been on vacation so long that they don’t know what’s going on, or maybe they are comforted by the county’s low Covid-19 numbers, only 100 cases, whereas my home county has almost 1000.

Could I live two blocks from the ocean year-round? The short answer is I don’t know.

When the sun is out, the place is glorious. When the fog is in, the place feels damp and depressing.

But the quiet! I can listen to the waves at night from my front yard and from my bedroom window.  When the dogs bark into the darkness it’s not because of a human intruder. It usually means a raccoon is in a nearby tree.

I can write, I can think, I can veg out.  But it is also lonely, less so now that I have internet, but still.

When kids come to visit, it’s always to the Bay Area. If I gave up my place here, it would be a hassle to see them when they are in town. But two sets of property taxes based on 2011 home prices is a lot of money.

I mean a whole lot of money.

Anyway, back in the Bay Area, two birds took advantage of my quiet home and built a bird’s nest above my front porch. I didn’t know it until I went out last night to roll up my car windows after a 90 degree day. A bird startled me as it flew from under the eaves. I had startled it first by charging out the front door.

Okay, little birdie, I will only bother you for a couple of days while I pay bills, get meds for Sis, and take care of other stuff.  Then it’s back to the beach.

Those weeds are calling.



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