Time to Get your Absentee Ballot for November

It’s that bewitching hour after lunch where I need to sit and digest while I write a blog post.

During the lockdown (here in California) I have learned a few things today:

  1. Our school district, along with six counties, has called off physical classes for the rest of the year.
  2. My county has 442 cases of Coronavirus Covid -19, as of today.
  3. My town has 19 cases, as of today.
  4. Everything is closed for Easter – churches, parks, businesses, except restaurants that can sell take-out only.
  5. I am getting tired of talking only to my dogs.
  6. People are clueless. I went to a double ATM, waited till the man I front of me was done, walked up to the other ATM, and while I was completing my transaction, a woman came up to the first ATM and was 2 feet away from me.

So much for social distancing.

I’ll bet she is younger, from out of state, and doesn’t watch the news. The man waited in the pick-up while she stood next to me in all her germy-ness.

I read the local paper, which said that rubbing alcohol is best to use after scrubbing down surfaces. Except you can’t buy it anywhere.

People are making plans for next fall, but the experts say we will be going through Round # 2 lockdown, as happened with the Spanish Flu in 1918.

So people, if you haven’t signed up for an absentee ballot to vote in the November election, please do it now. Go online and fill out the form. Just Google it with your county and state. Example – How do I get an absentee ballot in Contra Costa County, California?

The reason I am suggesting this is that if we are in Round #2, and you don’t want to go out and catch the virus, an absentee ballot would be handy to have.

Unless you don’t care who wins the presidency of the United States of America.

I repeat, sign up to vote at home with an absentee ballot.

This week the U.S Supreme Court voted 5-4 to prevent Wisconsin from postponing its voter primary on Tuesday. That meant that people had to go out to their polling places and risk getting the infection because the Supreme Court said the primary had to go on as scheduled. Some people who tried to get absentee ballots didn’t get them in time. Because the Supreme Court said no to waiting for the ballots to arrive.

The highest judges in the land.

Nine judges who are judges for life.

Until they die or resign.

If you think they are going to let the November election be postponed, I’d say the only chance of that is if Trump wants it to happen. Then maybe.

Anyway, if you are over 18, you must come out and vote, or stay home and vote by absentee ballot. It’s the most important thing you will do all year.

Except wash your hands.



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