My Daily Work-out with Joe

Somehow I heard about a good-looking guy in England named Joe Wicks, who does exercise videos. He calls himself the Body Coach. He decided two weeks ago to post a new workout video every day as long as the lockdown is happening around the world. He calls it Body Coach PE.

I used to go to my senior center three times a week for exercise. Then I reduced it to twice and week and spent the third day walking around the Lafayette Reservoir. Then the senior center shut down, and I was walking twice a week around the reservoir.

Then the reservoir shut down. East Bay Mud, the water company that owns it, had a bouncer out front the last time I tried to walk in with a friend and my dog.

Joe’s work-out is only 30 minutes. Sure, it’s for kids, but I figured I could do anything for thirty minutes. Mind you, I am fifty plus years past the age of a child.

But it’s fun, and he makes it kid-friendly. Today, the 10th day, which he declared Dress-up Day earlier in the week, was his day to dress up like Spider Man and sweat through the 30 minutes.

Each day he adds more floor work, which is hard for me because I have two dogs underfoot. If I get on the floor, I am fair game to be licked to death.

So sometimes I skip the floor part and do other senior-friendly moves that he doesn’t do.

Today I was especially distracted. The fringe on my carpet was crooked.

I’ll just take these sewing scissors and trim that off.

Then I noticed that picture on the wall was a bit off. I straightened it up.

The book in that bookcase had an ugly dust jacket. What if I just take it off and see what the book looks like underneath? Ah, much better.

I really should vacuum up that dog hair in the corner over there.

 Wonder if the mail has come!

But I stopped myself on that one and finished the work-out with Joe. Getting the email involves a key, scissors to open packages and a thorough hand-washing afterward, just in case.

I know that I didn’t do half of Joe’s work-out today, but I was bending, squatting, reaching, and so forth. I was working out, just not copying Spider Man. Those lunge, lunge, kick, kick moves are too fast for me. And if I fall down I will land on two dogs.

I like Joe’s whole thing he has going on. At the end he has “spot the difference” where he has moved something from the shelves in the background. He didn’t use music until just a few days ago. As his audience grows to 2 million people around the world, the suggestions have come pouring in.

I skipped his work-outs twice this week.  But that’s okay, He takes Saturdays and Sundays off, and since rain is predicted, I can do those two skipped workouts over the weekend.

Everyone is doing their part to keep us all sane during this world crisis. I live alone except for my tail-wagging buddies. A good looking dude with a British accent and a nice physique can put even this old lady into a better mood.

Thanks, Joe!  You don’t even know how much you’re helping.  Take it from this senior citizen in a corner of California, it’s helping me put some structure into my very long day.


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