Season Tickets Jinx

A year ago, I performed with 49 other members of the Blackhawk Chorus and the California Symphony at the Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek. Since it was so much fun being up on stage while the Star Wars theme and other John Williams songs were being orchestrated, I thought I should start attending the symphony regularly.

And it’s local, not like I have to schlep myself to San Francisco and back. Walnut Creek is only fifteen minutes away.

I found a partner in crime in my friend, Suanne, and we bought season tickets. The first performance was in September. We were excited.

A mutual friend, planned his 70th birthday party for the same night on the other side of the Bay Area at a dancing venue. Suanne and I sent our regrets, wanting to hear Beethoven’s Fifth instead.

That first night Suanne looked at the program and complained that we had to wait until the second half to hear her favorite dead composer.  This is when the jinx began.  During intermission, the power went out. We sat there for fifteen minutes in the dark. The director came out and announced that the whole block was out, and that there was nothing they could do.

We looked at each other and said, “We should’ve gone to the party.”

We found my car in the Lesher garage, and then I drove Suanne to her dark parking garage. Several blocks of downtown Walnut Creek were without power on a Saturday night.

One down.

Actually one half down.

The symphony’s PR person mailed us free drink coupons and a free parking pass for the next concert.  Suanne got sick and ended up sending a mutual friend in her place. The PR person gave out tiny flashlights to us since we’d been in the dark at the last performance.

Two down.

The third concert was scheduled for February. Our good girlfriend’s significant other planned her 70th birthday party for the same night. I drove to the Lesher box office and got the tickets changed to the Sunday matinee performance so that we could attend the birthday party.

As the party/symphony weekend got closer, I realized that our local sports team, the 49er’s, were going to be in the Super Bowl. I also realized that the Sunday matinee was at the exact same time as the big game.

I got home in time to see the 49er’s blow their lead and lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. The symphony, by the way, played a lovely concert.

Three down.

The 4th performance is scheduled for this weekend. The city of Walnut Creek is threatening to shut down the Lesher Theater because of the Coronavirus outbreak in our county – Contra Costa. The CDC has advised that people over 50 avoid large crowds in confined spaces. That pretty much sums up most of the audience at the symphony – over fifty.

The musicians have been rehearsing for weeks. There isn’t an alternate time for them to perform at the theater since many groups use the venue.  If the city shuts them down, they won’t get to perform, and we won’t get to hear them. The jinx continues.

I’m not sure if we will try for season tickets again. There have been too many conflicts and mishaps.

The last concert in our ticket package is in May.

I predict an earthquake the day or minutes before.

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