Mass Hysteria and the Coronavirus

Today’s aerobics teacher was telling us how Costco looked like Black Friday when she went there on Saturday.  The TV news station reported similar hysteria at a Hayward Target store.

Apparently, people were buying toilet paper and paper towels this weekend, for Armageddon. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, especially if they have lots of storage space.

I walked into CVS pharmacy Sunday morning, and the clerk said, “We’re out of masks and we’re out of hand sanitizer.”

That wasn’t why I went there.  I already have those things, maybe not enough to outlast a six-month quarantine, but I have enough for now.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is telling us to stay six feet away from other people. I didn’t do that when I paid for groceries at Lucky’s yesterday or when I exercised today, or tomorrow night when I’ll go to chorus with 130 others. How are you supposed to go anywhere and do anything with six feet between yourself and others?

I am lucky in that I don’t share my house with other people. No one is going to bring the virus home except me.  I will do my due diligence by singing happy birthday twice when I wash my hands, by sneezing into the crook of my elbow, and by using the old paper-towel-on-the-public-restroom-door-handle technique that I’ve used for years.

One of my adult children said to me, “Don’t worry, Mom. Only old people are dying from it.”

Hello? I will have my Medicare birthday this summer unless the virus gets me first.

The younger aerobics teacher (bless her heart) was telling seniors about to travel on airplanes next week, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

This is the same teacher who admitted to not watching the news. I am sure she doesn’t read a newspaper, either. We are a dying breed.

I don’t think she should be telling senior citizens not to worry. I think we all have to worry. It’s not a matter of if but when the virus will become commonplace here in the states. I read somewhere that it will take eighteen months for the virus to run its course through the Earth’s population.

Only 2% of the people are dying from it. But again, it’s old people, children, and those with weakened immune systems. If the Earth has 7.53 billion people on it, 2% is 150 million people dead from Coronavirus. No, wait, that would be if EVERYONE caught it. The news tonight said about 6,000,000 could die from it  if it reaches pandemic proportions.

The aerobics teacher just about choked this morning on her juice concoction of lemon, ginger, turmeric, and pepper to boost her immune system.  She got too much pepper in her throat and momentarily lost her ability to speak.

She also said not to bother looking for Airborne, and that if we owned stock in it, it was a good time to cash it in.

For me, I will stop going to organized events with large crowds of people once they start to contract the virus.  In the meantime. I can still walk my dogs, do my writing, work in my garden (ah choo) and practice my choral songs on my own while I wait this thing out.

A year and a half, though? That’s a long time.  I might have to start rationing those toilet paper squares.

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