Ah Choo! It’s Allergy Season

My friends post photos of themselves gallivanting through our green hills dotted with wildflowers. It’s California, we are having the driest February in 160 years, and the pollen is exploding everywhere.

My nose itches just looking at the photos of the greenery.

I bought an air purifier. I dug out my Flonase. I drive with my windows up and the ventilation system on re-circulate.

I even wear a face mask when stuffing my green can.

So when the local winery moved its indoor winter bands to outdoors because of the outstanding weather, I have to say, I was not pleased.

Yes, the Victorian house-turned-winery is crowded. Yes, there’s not much room to dance. But it’s warm inside, there’s no wind blowing pollen spores, and I can breathe.

Tomorrow is another band, destined to play outside. Do I brave the elements and try to have fun with my girlfriends? Or do I stay locked up in my house when it’s pushing 80 degrees on the last day of February?

February 29th?

Leap Day?

Sadie Hawkins Day?

Ask a guy to dance day?

I’d explain it to the guy, but I might not make myself understood.

“You know, Dadie Dawkins!” I‘d say between gasps of air.

“Leap dear!” I’d say, “the dwentininth!”

The guy would shrug his shoulders and get swept away by another woman with a clearer nose.

I danced today in aerobics (indoors). The Japanese teacher thinks she’s a dance instructor, having us strike pose after pose while we work out to her good music.  It was fun. I miss dancing.

Yes, Daylight Savings is almost here. Then summer and outdoor events can’t be too far behind. By then the pollen will be baked out of the plants and trees. We will be in high fire danger season again, what with our shortage of February rain.

Dancing season is just around the corner. I could wait out the pollen, but who wants to do that?  I did it last Saturday, and it was not fun staying home.

I might have to wear my face mask on the dance floor.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

With the Corona Virus looming, wearing a face mask might be a prudent thing to do.



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