Un-Decorating to Decorate

I write this as my neurotic rescue dog paws me on the arm. She wants her morning apple. I am waiting for the Omeprazole to kick in. Then I remember that I have a massage scheduled this morning, so no breakfast for me!

I get up from the laptop and find a bruised banana from the $1.99 bag. The dogs each get three bites after I take out the bruised part.

Back to the laptop.  I dug through the Christmas decorations yesterday in the garage. Somewhere in the rows of Rubbermaid tubs there was a bird chirping. A bird in my garage? Well, it’s better than a rat. But if a bird was able to get in, then you know what else might have found its way.

I took a tub of stuff to my sister’s room at the board and care. She wasn’t much excited since she has no Christmas tree. There’s a big one down in the living room where the other three residents sit in their wheelchairs all day and watch TV.  Sis has her own TV and prefers the recliner in her room.

No, it’s not ideal, but when I think of where she was going to end up if she’d stayed in Iowa, her room looks like the Fairmont Hotel. The chosen home (by family members) outside of Des Moines had three to a room with curtain partitions. It was loud, the residents had on hospital gowns, and the only place outside was the smoking patio with a chain link fence, a slab of cement, and the view of a brick wall.

But I digress.

My house can’t be decorated for Christmas yet. First I have to un-decorate. I have nine garbage bags of stuff for the homeless in Hayward with help from friends. I heard on the news last night there are 500 people living outside there in the damp fog.

Then there are the two cardboard boxes for the teacher in Oakland. She wanted the free classroom set of pioneer clothing for her 4th graders. She asked for 52 outfits, so it must be a double class.

Once all that is gone, I’ll still have two potato sack bags full of baseball caps for the neighbor going to El Salvador to interpret for the free dentist. She is my Monterey neighbor, and I haven’t been able to get down there with all the holiday singing with my chorus.

Oh, I almost forgot the tub of Christmas bears and decorations for the Head Start woman in Concord. I’d asked my friend who teaches ESL if she knew of anyone for the kid stuff, and she gave me Beth’s name.

The Christmas aprons went to the lunch ladies at the senior center yesterday.

It feels good to clear out and lighten my load. It’s been a while since some of these things were used or boxed up at my long-closed shop, and it’s time for them to move on.

So when the Pet Food Express lady scowled at me when I did not agree to her solicitation for the homeless animals, I said I was doing my part for homeless people.

Good grief! I have two rescue dogs.

Plus I am spreading the Christmas spirit, maybe not in the way she would like, but come on!

Let everyone do it his or her way and don’t judge.

After all, it’s Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Un-Decorating to Decorate

  1. I knew someone in one of those homes and she filled her room with musical Christmas decorations. People would visit just to play with them all and see her. There are lots of ways to brighten their rooms for the Holiday even without a tree!
    Merry Christmas to your sister from me.

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