Helicopters, the President, and Facebook

Four helicopters flew overhead. Big ones. Flying in formation. These were not Action News helicopters. This was different.

I was walking my sister around the back yard of her board and care home. She had her walker going, the scrape of the legs against the concrete. Still, the noise of four helicopters drowned out everything else, even the freeway, just a few hundred yards away from this particular backyard.

“Something is happening,” I said.

It seemed to be a military drill, but those were usually on the weekends, not a Monday.

I opened the door for Sis to go back into the kitchen. The door stuck, as always, the rug bunched up under out feet, as always, and my sister swerved a bit when turning into the house.

“I about lost you there,” I said.

“I felt dizzy,” she said.

I got Sis back to her room and into her electric recliner. The news was on her TV, and then the mystery was solved.

President Trump had dropped by Silicon Valley, just south of us, for a three–hour visit.

Could it be a visit with Jack Dorsey and all the other tech company leaders that signed a letter asking for the government to support universal background checks for gun buyers? Could it be for a fund raiser? All the news said was that the president was in Mountain View.

So many people in this country want things to change. So many others want things to stay the same.

There is talk of war with Iran. There is talk of Mitch McConnell holding the senate hostage if he is re-elected. There is talk of impeaching Brett Kavanaugh. There is talk of impeaching Trump. AOC is calling the immigrant camps at the border an act of genocide.  The country is fighting. Everyone is digging in their heels.

I am sick of all of it. We have fourteen months to go before the presidential election. It has been along slog already.

I shared a Facebook post yesterday showing the diversity of the Democratic candidates, — three women, one vegan, one Asian, one Latino, two blacks, one gay, one Jewish, plus a couple of straight white guys. A known Trump-supporting friend commented that those things didn’t qualify any of them for office.

The post was not supposed to show their qualifications. It was to show their diversity. Why couldn’t he read it and grumble to himself? Why did he have to challenge?

Many of my friends have views different from my own. Before I comment, I weigh the cost of doing so. Will it change anyone’s mind? Not likely. Will it incite something? Maybe. Is it worth it? Maybe not.

I love to share political cartoons signed by others and quotations of famous people. I am not making the comment. I am simply putting it out there. For thought. For consideration. Not to incite anything. Not to start a war.

Many of my shares get re-shared. I like to think that people like my taste in posts and that is why they are sharing them. Because they are tasteful.

Tasteful while also being intriguing.

Those who jump on my posts and chastise me have to either be extremists or missing the point. I get to decide what I share. That doesn’t mean you have to like it or agree with it. You can even un-friend me if you want.

If you don’t like it, don’t share it. It’s as simple as that.

I am entitled to my opinions, thank you very much. As long as I am courteous about it, what’s the problem? If I enjoy a post poking fun at the revolving door at the White House regarding cabinet members, that is my right.

In the United States of America.

Get over it, already.

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