My Sunday Book Sale Surprise

Today was scheduled from beginning to end with a few hours free in mid-afternoon. I did my due diligence and walked the dogs early, since it was already a stinker at 9:00 a.m.  The weather people had predicted a cooler day than yesterday, but yesterday’s dog walk had actually been enjoyable. Today it was black asphalt radiating heat when it should have been cool on my dogs’ feet.

Then it was off to the drug store for the Sunday Chronicle and my sister’s meds.  I picked up some pudding at the Lucky’s next door and got into my car to go visit Sis. Oops! I had bought the New York Times by mistake. I went back into the grocery store and bought the Chronicle.

“You’re going to read two papers?” the clerk asked.

Yes, I believe in journalism, I wanted to say. Instead I just said, “I guess I am.”

I didn’t tell the clerk I had already had one Sunday paper delivered, so actually I would be reading three.

I visited Sis, was reminded that she was running out of Ensure (dang it! I was just at the drug store and grocery store!), then kissed her good-bye and headed to lunch with my son in the town between his and mine, where I presented him with his day-early birthday gifts. He never says what he wants. He always gets the same things. Dog toys, clothes, chocolate.

I drove back to my town and stopped at the library to drop of Sis’s books that she had finished. And that’s when I saw it.

Book Sale.

It was the third day, and it was fill a bag for $5.00.

I shouldn’t have entered. But you know how it is. You have to go in and just take a look. I picked up a biography that looked good, then another. But two books wouldn’t fill a bag. Then I found a couple non-fiction books that looked okay, and then a couple more biographies on the other side of the table.

Lots of people were milling around.  I went to the children’s section and picked up some Young Adult novels and a couple of younger books for a ten-year-old girl that I know. Then I saw a vintage bird book with some cool colored illustrations (1933).

In the Christmas section there was a nice picture book of A Christmas Carol and also The Polar Express. Then I found a DVD I haven’t seen. The guy next to me was filling a bag with CD’s he had carefully sorted through.

A young girl (she told me she was seven) got a surprise when the book sale organizer came up and told her that someone had paid for her bag of books. Her guardian/grandma had been poo-pooing her choices but then said, “Oh well, now they’re free, so pick away!”

I wrote this blog post before I turned on the news and found out about the shooting just seventy minutes down the road from here.  The Gilroy Garlic Festival. Unbelievable.

I am glad that I didn’t know this before I wrote my happy surprise book sale blog post.

The books I got:

The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, How to Write a Sentence, Naked (David Sedaris), Women’s Diaries of the Westward Journey, Like Water for Chocolate, Flags of our Fathers, Charles Darwin, Doctor DeSoto, Just Listen, A Year Down Yonder, Tweak, What I Saw and How I Lied, Gertrude Stein, Big Russ and Me, Highest Duty, Pirates, Traveling with the Birds, and a DVD.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

I should’ve finished the whole post before I turned on the news.

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