Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was a book published in 1982, a satire on masculinity.  Today’s blog post is a bunch of riffs off of this idea.

Real Iowans get down and pull weeds with their hands (no Roundup).

Real women don’t need to wear stilettos.

Real women wear make-up sometimes, and sometimes they don’t.

Real men do the dishes.

Real kids have emotions.

Real teachers have fair rules.

Real dates tell the truth.

Real dancers carry dancing shoes in their car, just in case.

Real drinkers have a buddy who doesn’t imbibe as much.

Real Californians come in every shade and hue.

Real grandparents reach out to ALL of their grandchildren.

Real dogs need walks and don’t ride in strollers.

Real cats?  I don’t know. I’ve never had a cat.

Real contractors show up and work.

Real friends take you the way you are.

Real back-seat drivers need to be quiet!

Real girlfriends have been through the bad stuff together.

Real neighbors know where you keep your wheelbarrow.

Real Iowans get down and dirty and pull weeds by hand.

Real gardeners don’t use Round Up.

Real Californians know a little bit of Spanish.

Real doctors apologize when their staff screws up.

Real Americans don’t get bogged down in divisive politics.

Real Americans look at the big picture and see that the world is watching.

Real Americans vote.

Real bloggers don’t recycle the leftover R is for ___ posts.

Especially on a Thursday.


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