Sparking Joy, One Wine Glass at a Time

I am getting a new kitchen. My contractor is coming today to start the demo of my old one. I’ve spent the past week packing up my cabinets and the ding room hutch on the wall that is getting torn down. That’s a lot of dishes!

I have enough wine glasses to have a big party, more than I need.  I have too many sets of dishes.  I have too many pie plates, square baking pans, rectangular baking pans, etc. etc.

Marie Kondo says to hold an item and if it sparks joy, then keep it. If it doesn’t spark joy, then get rid of it. My approach is a bit different. If it fits in a Rubbermaid tub and I have enough paper to wrap it, then I keep it. If not, then I give it away.

I’ve  been in this house for seven and a half years. If I haven’t used it since I moved in, then maybe I need to get rid of it.  Fortunately for me, my helper woman filled up her truck with my cast-offs and even asked for things I didn’t want to part with, like my soup bowls. I will be eating a lot of soup these next two months. I need those bowls.

I ran the dishwasher one last time before it gets moved. I will empty the fridge into a rolling cooler and then take everything out to the garage fridge. I moved the hot pot, the toaster, and the crock pot to the spare bedroom. Tomorrow morning I will move the dog dishes down the hall. I’ve already moved the dogs’ beds. The new counter-top microwave will go down to the bedroom, too.

The 45 year old cabinets are disgusting, and they smell. Pressed board doesn’t do well when it gets wet.  The built-in microwave is broken. The oven is too low to the ground, and the cabinet it’s in is broken. The fridge has broken three times in the past seven years. The canned lights aren’t lined up correctly.  The sink isn’t centered over the cabinet doors. The whole kitchen is a tract-home disaster. Every house on the market in my neighborhood has an updated kitchen, so it is my turn.

It’s a good thing I bought the cabinets in early December before the stock market took a huge dive and before I had a $4000 colonoscopy. Let’s just say if I hadn’t already bought the cabinets, I might have canceled the whole thing.

Not getting a new kitchen would not have sparked any joy. I’ve held that kitchen in my arms for seven years, and it is time to give it away.

I still have too many dishes, but at least now they are wrapped up and out of sight for a while. I will be washing dishes in the bathtub, or maybe I’ll use all those paper plates I found. Except for soup. I’ll need those coveted bowls.

Couldda Wouldda Didda

I took the plunge. I bought a new kitchen.





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