My Personal Post

I wrote a personal piece on Saturday, coming out about my college rape. Why did I write about it?  Because I am tired of people acting as though sexual assault is not a rampant problem in America. If you have made it this far without ever having been touched or bumped up against, or anything else that invaded your body or your personal space and was not with your consent, hurray for you. But don’t deny that it happens and has happened to people that you know, because it has.

One of the offensive memes that came up right after Christine Blasey Ford testified was that Abraham Lincoln assaulted Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This post came up in my Facebook feed from a woman I knew when I taught high school. This is rude on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin.  The irony is that Lincoln was a member of her Republican party, and she doesn’t even know it or doesn’t care. She is reposting something offensive to a lot of educated people, and it makes her look uneducated, although I know she is.

Another friend of a friend posted a connection between Palo Alto University, George Soros, and Christine Blasey Ford. Another post showed the pay-off (how ridiculous) of a woman handing a man an envelope as they stood behind Ford. Seriously, they would bribe someone on camera?   And then there was Lindsay Graham, blowing up and mentioning to say hi to two female Supreme Court Justices that he voted for, so why won’t the Democrats vote for this Republican, even though there have been three allegations brought up against him regarding sexual assault?

Everyone is so worried about Kavanaugh’s career.  The poor man! His poor family!  I say that once again, powerful men are putting men as more important than the women they have hurt, abused, and assaulted. It’s old-white-man-speak. And it has got to stop. Today Trump made fun of Ford’s testimony.  He said she is an evil person. He is a real ass.

They used to call us victims of rape. The language has changed to survivor. Survivors stand up and fight. They don’t hide. Survivors report. Victims kept it to ourselves.  Survivors fight. Victims wanted the whole thing to go away. Survivors march in the streets.  I used to be a victim. Thanks to the young women out there fighting, I am now a survivor.

I received ten times more hits on Saturday’s post than any other post I’ve ever written. What does that tell you? Women are reading it. Hopefully, men are reading it, too.  It’s no longer something to be ashamed of. It’s time to get angry, speak out and stop those who commit assault and rape. They need to be called out, to be identified, to be weeded out of jobs that perpetuate the problem — jobs of power, jobs that make decisions for half of all Americans, the women.

God help us if Kavanaugh gets confirmed. He is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court. Every judge seated there and half the senate knows it, too.

As one Facebook meme showed, The Brett Kavanaugh’s of the country make laws for the Brock Turner’s so that they can grow up and become the Brett Kavanaugh’s.  Brock Turner is the Stanford rapist given six months of jail time.  What a thought, that if you have money, white privilege, and influential parents, you can be excused for twenty minutes of your life, even if it means you raped an unconscious woman next to a dumpster in full view of other students (at least he will have to register as a sexual predator for the rest of his life).

Not okay. Today’s young women won’t stand for it.

Judge Persky was recalled because of the lenient sentence he gave Brock Turner.  Harvey Weinstein is gone. Kevin Spacey is gone. Big-time execs in many walks of life are gone. Bill Cosby is gone.

The playground rules have changed, boys. The #MeToo movement is not going away.  Even we old-timers are speaking out and joining the younger women.

Together, we make an army.


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