Those Dang Democrat Fundrasing Folks

Three days before the mid-term elections, in a 24-hour period, I received 39 emails and 12 texts from Democratic candidates asking for donations. The Democratic party is relentless when it comes to asking for money.

The problem is that once you give any left-leaning organization money, then EVERYONE gets your personal info.  Twenty years ago, when my family of five was sleeping in on a Sunday morning, the landline rang (no cell phones yet). I picked it up and heard some cheery voice on the East Coast ask for money for the Democrats.

“It’s 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning!” I bellowed.  “Take me off your list!”

“Don’t you care what happens to our country?” the less-cheerful sounding woman asked.

“You’re calling California way too early on a weekend,” I said. “Take me off your list.”

They did for many years. I have to say I’m back on it in a big way. Yesterday, when the power went out and I had noting to do , to cook, watch or light to read by, I went through my phone emails and replied STOP to all of them.

Today the emails are still coming, but not as many. I’m tempted to vote Republican. Wait!  Who am I kidding? I don’t think an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol is good for America. I don’t think calling it a tour group is a good thing. I don’t think trying to change the election results in Georgia is a good thing or giving more tax breaks to super wealthy people.

Or super wealthy businesses.

I don’t think a party that stokes fear and spreads conspiracy theories is a good party to run the government. Yes, gas is up, but it will still be up with Republicans. Yes, inflation is up, but it will still be up with Republicans.

If our esteemed orange man would’ve been re-elected, we’d have thousands’ more deaths from COVID, from a president that said it would go away on its own and that he wasn’t responsible for any of it.

Yes, Biden is old, and he stutters, and he sometimes uses the wrong words. But he is looking out for you and me and for the country and for our future. Why else would a man, two decades into retirement age, want such a horrible and thankless job?

And while I’m on my high horse, let me just say that the word woke has been weaponized by the Republicans to mean something totally different from its intention, which is that the US needs to recognize its responsibility to BIPOCS: black, indigenous people of color, marginalized groups that have not been given an even playing field to grow wealth and get ahead as whites have been given.

I’m an old white lady.  I bought my first hose at 28 years old.  I was lucky. Nobody turned me down for a mortgage because of my address. No one told me I couldn’t vote because my reservation p.o box didn’t qualify as a place of residence.

500 words.  


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