Chemistry is Everything


Sharon was a Sigma Kappa at Cal Berkeley, in her junior year. As she stood outside her sorority house, chatting with the house mom, a guy that she knew from Kappa Sigma crossed the street.
“Hey Sharon, do you want to go to a pinning party with me tonight?”
“Okay,” Sharon said, even though she didn’t like the guy in that way.
He wore Buddy Holly glasses and was majoring in finance.
“I’ll see you at 9:00,” Bob said.
A pinning party took place after a frat guy gave his fraternity pin to his girlfriend, one step below giving her an engagement ring (a gesture of pre-engagement). The girl would reveal to her sisters that she had been pinned. Everyone at the sorority would sit in a circle and pass a lighted candle while singing an Everly Brothers love song. The girl who blew out the candle was the pin-ee. Once her sorority sisters congratulated her, the guys would throw them a party the same night at the frat house.
Sharon didn’t think much of the invitation. She had a crush on one of Bob’s tall frat brothers. Bob was just a little bit taller than she was.
But that all changed when the party ended. Bob walked her back to her sorority and gave her the kiss of her life, and she’d been kissed by dozens of guys.
Wow! Who needs the tall crush when I can have this guy?

Couldda Wouldda Didda
Exactly one year later, on October 12th, Sharon had her own pinning ritual at Sigma Kappa. She married Bob after their graduation in the spring. They celebrated more than 55 wedding anniversaries before cancer took her away from him.

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