The Worst Undoing of America

Donald Trump has got to be, hands down, the worst president I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, and I’m old.
Here is his list of atrocities thus far:
1. Elephants
2. Taxes
3. No more home owner’s deductions on interest
4. No more Medicaid for 13 million
5. Messing up my Medicare
6. Russia
7. The treatment of women
8. The treatment of minorities
9. The treatment of dead soldiers’ wives
10. The treatment of women in the media
11. The undoing some of the National Monuments
12. Messing with Internet neutrality
13. Gun laws
14. Hate groups
15. The defunding of Planned Parenthood (which helps women)
16. Tax breaks for the 1%
17. Puerto Rico
18. DACA
19. Etc. etc.
20. I am sure by the time I post this, there will be more.
I realize that as a West Coast person, I am more liberal than those in the middle of the country. I live in a diverse state with people from all over the world.
My sister lives with me now. She has a stream of ever-changing home health care workers. They are Mexican, Filipino, and black. Most of them are named Maria. This may not be true in my home state of Iowa, but as the years go by, it will become more and more commonplace.
I shop in thrift stores. I hear lots of Spanish, some Russian, and many languages I can’t identify. Immigrants are buying everything they own second hand. They have to. California is expensive.
I own property here. It’s getting harder and harder to pay all the bills. Electricity has gone up, water, all the add-on taxes for the Bay Area.
I have three adult children, all Millennials. How will they ever afford any of it? I have retired girlfriends who own no property. They have roommates or rent out their spare rooms on airbnb. I have friends who drive for uber because it pays better than their other jobs.
I am lucky that I can write and make money at it. I am lucky that I can take in my relative instead of sticking her somewhere.
Maybe I should’ve called this blog post Worst Congress Ever, because, as Time magazine called it a few weeks ago, this congress is leading the Deconstruction of America. All those administrations before Trump, all the laws to protect the poor, elderly, young, and handicapped, the safety nets for those who need it most, it’s all going out the window in a few short months.
If you don’t like what is happening, sign petitions, call your congressman or woman, give money to key Democratic races for 2018. I am not usually political, but somebody has to stop this before our entire country and all its values have been destroyed. Somebody means you. Sitting back and complaining on Facebook does nothing.
Watching Saturday Night Live feels good, but it isn’t enough. Sign Tom Steyer’s petition to impeach trump. Vote for Diane Feinstein in 2018. She stopped semi-automatic weapons once, and she will do it again if we support her.
Maybe I should’ve called this post Worst Congress Ever, because without their support, Trump would be unable to undo America.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If all the Bernie fans would’ve voted for Clinton, we would not be in this mess, unless of course, Russia would’ve figured out a way anyway . . .

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