Season of Awards and Football

First it was the Golden Globes, then the SAG awards. This Sunday is the Super Bowl, then the Grammys, then the Academy Awards. Almost every Sunday for two months has an awards show or a play-off game or the big game.

Many friends of mine don’t care to watch. But for me, it’s research. What are the women wearing? How about the men? Which TV shows or movies are getting the awards?  What are the back stories of the winners? Who is protesting what? What is the newest catch phrase in Hollywood?

As an author of picture books for young kids, my job is two-fold: tell a good story that the kids will love, and entertain the parents, the ones reading the book.  If I can use current language or terminology in my story,  all the better.

Here’s an example. I used to live in Iowa, so I joined a Facebook page called “I Grew Up in Iowa.” It’s mostly pictures of sunsets and ruby red cardinals against the white snow, and posts like “who remembers walking to school in a snowstorm, uphill in both directions?”  But every now and then I get a window into the Midwest and how sometimes it is the last place to hear new terminology. Like, “You are rocking that outfit, Girlfriend!” Or “My bad!”  Or as one group member asked, “what does it mean when you say ‘I’ve got your back!’”

Today I wrote a story about a hibernating bear who is glad that his friends keep the forest quiet for him.

“You’ve got my back!” he says.

When one of my teen daughters asked years ago why I would want to watch a bunch of rich beautiful people gather together to award one another, my response was, “I wouldn’t want to have that life. Would you? You could never go to the grocery store in privacy. You couldn’t go anywhere without getting photographed. You’d have your life scrutinized from every angle.”

As for the Super Bowl, I love the commercials. Last year my sis and I watched at home.  Since it was a party of two, I was able to hear every word. The snacks weren’t so great, but the ads were funny.

As for the Grammys, it’s fun to put faces to the songs, and to see the winners of musical genres that I might not know. The performances are fun and good music to do my taxes to (well, not actually do them, just get the papers in order).

As for the Academy Awards, I’ve seen many of the nominated movies or movies with nominated actors. It’s more fun that way. I’ve seen Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, Crazy Rich Asians, On the Basis of Sex, and some others. It’s fun to hear the winners’ back stories and see what they are protesting when they get up to get their awards. I need to see Roma, this year’s front runner.

The awards shows and football help get us through the dreary months of winter.  As long as you don’t take any of it too seriously and don’t really care who wins what, it’s all good.

Plus the ball gowns are fabulous.

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