The Power of your Vote

Yes, it seems hopeless. Yes, we have a president that did not receive the majority of the votes cast in 2016. It has happened twice in this century. It all seems rigged.

But staying home is not going to help. We need to get Trump’s enablers out of congress. We need the 93 million Americans who didn’t vote in 2016 to come out and do it.

The country is divided. Trump is using fear and scare tactics to motivate his base. People who live within fifty miles of where they were born are the ones that buy into his rhetoric. Immigrants are bad!  Build the wall!

Look at the fourteen teachers in Utah that dressed up for Halloween as the border wall with their heads popping up above it, wearing sombreros. This is ignorant stereotyping. The teachers are on administrative leave. The superintendent is embarrassed. The country is embarrassed.

The faces of the “angry” caravan walking from  Guatemala are mostly of women and children. Guatemala is so unsafe that tourists are picked up at the airport and escorted everywhere. They can’t leave their hotels alone, for their own safety. My daughter has been there. She told me.

Many people in the middle of the country have never traveled abroad. They only speak one language. Traveling and learning another language are two ways to broaden our minds and accept others who are not carbon copies of ourselves.

Americans born between 1984 and 1995 are the most tolerant of differences. You are the ones with the power to change the outcome of today’s election.  If you come out and vote you can elect a black female governor, and younger more diverse representatives. You can stop the old white men from making the decisions that will affect your lives for decades to come.

What if Al Gore would’ve been elected president? Would we be in panic now for what climate change is doing to the Earth?  The hurricanes and shifting weather patterns? The droughts and fires?

You were too young back then to vote for Al Gore. You are not too young to vote against supporters of Donald Trump.  If the Parkland teenagers can see the problem and are smart enough to go across the country registering eighteen-year-old voters, then you are smart enough to miss your lunch hour or leave work early or go in late, to vote.

Your bosses won’t mind.

In fact, you have the power to change everything that is wrong about Washington D.C.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try and find out.

(If you haven’t registered, you can ask for a provisional ballot and receipt, as is guaranteed by law.)

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