Old White Men – Vote Them Out

When Orrin Hatch, an old white senator, tells a young female survivor to grow up, it is time for him to step down from his position. Mr. Hatch, that woman has grown up and is standing up for her rights.

If you’ve been living under a rock, women’s rights are now in jeopardy with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh  to the Supreme Court and the eventual overturning of Roe v. Wade, the right to abortion in all 50 states.

When another old white senator, Lindsey Graham, screams at the press, “Why don’t you believe him?” it is time for him to go.  The he said/she said somehow defaults back to believing the male and has for decades. No wonder women don’t report rape.

When old white majority leader, Mitch McConnell, says, “This is America. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” I say, time to go.  This is not a criminal case. This is the character and reputation of a man who will serve on the court for thirty years or more.

When the mostly white, mostly male, mostly old congress puts a man like Brett Kavanaugh in a lifetime position while throngs of protesters stand outside of their offices, something is wrong with America.

When our own president laughs at Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony and mocks her statements in front of a crowd of his supporters, something is wrong with America.

When half the country is too busy watching football or baseball or playing video games or shopping to know what’s going on, something is wrong with America.

When a small group of protesting women stands on a busy street corner, chanting and waving signs, and half the people going by look at them with blank stares, something is wrong with America. The ones who know honk or give a thumbs up. It’s enough to keep us going for a few more minutes.

Time to vote them out, the old white men who protect their own at any cost.

The young voters of this country have the power, if they would only use it. I am speaking to you, Millennials. Guess what?  Old people already vote, and many of them vote for the old white guys. If you want to see progress in our government that speaks to who we are as a nation right now, you must vote.

The group of lawmakers in this country should look like the cast of Hamilton, not the old stale men who came to power in the 70’s and are still there.

Cast of Hamilton. Think how different things would be if we had all groups represented in our federal government.

A young woman named Sabina Zafar came to our small protest. She is running for city council in her town of San Ramon. It’s a start. When a camera man came by to ask our group how we felt about the Supreme Court nominee, Sabina stood up to talk.

Half the country is upset today.  We must channel our outrage into getting voters to the polls on November 6th.

Register.  You can do it online until October 22nd.

Show up.


Or watch the undoing of our country for another two years.



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