Homecoming Hopes


Marci was voted to be on Homecoming Court by her senior class. With 107 girls, she was one of just five who made it. Marci was walking on clouds until she realized she had no date — no steady boyfriend. She couldn’t go alone. What was she going to do? Could she refuse?

The football team voted for a king and four escorts. Two of the boys were the co-captains that year, and all five were handsome. Once chosen they were appointed to escort one of the girls. Marci’s escort, Clive, was in a committed relationship. His sweet fiancée wasn’t about to lose her date on such an important night.

Marci and Clive would ride together in a convertible and wave to the crowd during the Homecoming Parade, and he would escort Marci during the Grand March at the Homecoming Dance, but that was it. Marci still had no date.
It was coming right down to the wire, and no one was asking. Several of her friends said they were sorry they couldn’t ask her; they were already committed. But they put their heads together and came up with a plan. They decided Brendan, who had no date either, would be perfect to take Marci to the dance. Brendan was so shy he couldn’t even ask her. The week before the dance she and her group of friends got a little high on Friday night. All the guys bolstered shy Brendan’s spirits until he asked Marci. She said a rather desperate yes.

Marci and Brendan hadn’t spend much time together and never really talked before the dance. During the weeks leading up to it, Brendan and Tina, Marci’s best friend, had gotten to know each other. Brendan was not shy around Tina. Everyone, including Marci, were thrilled to see them dating. Tina didn’t mind missing the big dance. She wasn’t much into anything formal.

Homecoming week was a whirlwind of activities: a parade on Thursday with a pep rally and a snake dance. Friday night saw rain and a tie game. The theme for the dance on Saturday night was Closer to Home.

Marci had bought a beautiful purple and lilac formal and had her hair done in ringlets. Brendan came to pick her up. They exchanged boutonniere and bouquet, had the pre-requisite pictures taken and headed off to the dance. Brendan was not much of a dancer but hung in there, visiting with all their friends.

The Grand March was held at 10:00 p.m., when the King and Queen would be crowned. Marci’s mom came to the high school to watch. Marci was excited to be escorted around the dance floor in the high school commons, all decorated with glitter and lights. Once it was over, Brendan disappeared. Marci went home with her mom, relieved that the whole thing was over.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

Brendan wasn’t Marci’s type. He liked Tina, and they dated for a while. Marci had another sweet page in her scrapbook and a dear memory of a friend who would be killed a couple years later in a traffic accident.

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